Best performance cars 2018

We run through the top ten performance cars on sale in the UK right now

Performance cars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it impossible to definitively say which is best. That said, our experts here at Auto Express have spent a considerable amount of time testing each and every performance car on sale, and have come up with the following judgement on the 10 best performance cars you can buy today.

When deciding which vehicles offer drivers the most fun behind the wheel, we had only two rules. Firstly, they were not allowed to be a limited-run special edition no normal person can ever hope to see in the metal, let alone drive. And secondly, they were not allowed to be an eye-wateringly expensive hypercar. Aside from that, it was open warfare. Naturally then, our best performance cars list consists of everything from Italian exoctica and track weapons to sophisticated coupes and hot hatches. So there should be something for everyone.  

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A crucial ingredient of any performance car is the ability to entertain, to put a smile on a driver’s face, and this doesn’t require face splitting acceleration or sound barrier-breaking speed. What really matters is a car’s innate knack of involving the driver in the process of driving. It can be in the way information is transmitted back from the road and wheels, how the car responds to control inputs, or if the driver can get the back end to step out on demand. Preferably, a great performance car will deliver all this and more.  

One other thing that our chosen 10 have in common is that they are all pretty accessible to drive. That means they’re just as happy pottering around town as they are on a track day. Whichever model you choose, we’d highly recommend some advanced driver training to help you get the most from a performance car. You don’t need to hire a circuit to do this (although a track day might be a good way of getting to know how your car behaves on the limit in a safe environment), but the right kind of training can open your eyes to your car’s potential.

Some models are the halo cars of the mainstream manufacturers, offering exaggerated performance and often the looks to match. Most importantly, they offer genuine thrills for drivers looking for the ultimate performance. And while it won’t necessarily be the fastest model in a range that can deliver the thrills, neither should you need optional extras thrown at them to make the most of their capabilities.

Top 10 best performance cars 2018

  • 1. Porsche 911 GT3
  • 2. Aston Martin Vantage
  • 3. BMW M3/M4 Competition Pack
  • 4. Mercedes AMG C 63
  • 5. Porsche 718 Boxster
  • 6. Caterham Seven
  • 7. BMW M5
  • 8. McLaren 720S
  • 9. Honda Civic Type R
  • 10. Ford Fiesta ST
  • Which of our top 10 best performance cars would you choose if you had the cash? Let us know in the comments section…

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