Best wireless charger phone holders 2020

We test the best wireless charger phone holders to find out which you should buy.

A wireless car charger makes charging your smartphone on the go incredibly easy, but what if you need to use your phone for sat-nav while driving? Inductive phone holders are the answer.

Most of us charge our phones at home or at work, but a QI (pronounced chee) inductive wireless holder lets you revive it in-car without fiddling with cables. Newer smartphones have QI capability, but most can be adapted by using a case or plug-in receiver, and a dedicated holder helps to keep you legal.

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How we tested them

Using both an iPhone and an Android handset, we measured how much charge was delivered in 30 minutes. We checked build quality, instant and continuous connection, ease of location and removal, and stable mounting. Fitting positions were air vents, the windscreen, and the dash. The more options each product had, the better. 


  • 1. iOttie Easy One Touch Car Holder & Qi Wireless Charger
  • 2. QI Fast Charge Wireless in-car charging pad and holder
  • 3. Cygnett Race 10W Wireless Car Charger and Mount
  • ReviewsiOttie Easy One Touch Car Holder & Qi Wireless Charger

    Price: Around £45
    Rating: 5 stars
    Mounting: Windscreen/Dashboard

    Our previous winner had its work cut out here, but its no-load charge rate of 28 per cent was impressive, and the sat-nav charge amount was good, at 11 per cent. We liked the manually opening arms and the way that the button in the cradle closed them as the phone was put in. The foot gave a little less height adjustment than some of its rivals, but it could be locked in place.

    We got the phone in the right place for the charging coils, while the extendable arm and cradle gave lots of adjustment. It was also good that it could be stuck on the screen or (using a separate pad) the dash. Plus its two-year warranty and reasonable price means the iOttie remains our favourite.

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    QI Fast Charge Wireless in-car charging pad and holder

    Price: Around £40
    Rating: 5 stars
    Mounting: Air vent/windscreen/dashboard

    It’s not cheap, but the QI has vent, screen and dash mounting options. We liked the damped push-button action on the cradle and the lugs at its base, which meant the phone couldn’t drop out when it was released. The screen mount was stable, plus the vent system impressed; it was easy to fit or remove and steadier than many set-ups. The package comes with a 12v plug and, at 1.5 metres, the longest cable here. Charging started immediately and didn’t flicker at all. In the charging test, the QI added 20 per cent in half an hour.

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    Cygnett Race 10W Wireless Car Charger and Mount

    Price: Around £60
    Mounting: Windscreen 
    Rating: 4 stars

    This new product’s specification was good – claiming 10W and 7.5W charge for the latest Samsung/iPhones – and its 1.5-metre power lead was the longest we’ve ever tried, coming with a separate QC 3.0 CLA adaptor. Build quality was excellent, while the holder was virtually impervious to bumps and potholes. Plus we liked the rear-mounted button which opened the damped arms, and the adjustable foot handled our phone. The no-load result of 23 per cent was good, while the load charge was 11 per cent. It would have done better with a lower price and a dash fitting, but it still gets four stars.

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    Pama Universal Qi Wireless Charging Windscreen/Dash Car Holder

    Price:  Around £16
    Rating: 4 stars
    Mounting: Windscreen/Dashboard

    Despite a slight price rise since our first test, the Pama is hardly expensive, although there’s no USB adaptor. The device sticks to the screen or dash top with a suction cup that can be rinsed when dirty. Its charging section was smaller than the others’ so we had to precisely position the phone. Although it charged constantly, its rates were lower than we’d like, at 21 per cent and five per cent in the tests. The LED was easy to see, but we’d like a lock on the arms because it always took two hands to fit or remove it. However, it was very stable once in place.

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    Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Car Charger

    Price: Around £30
    Rating: 4 stars
    Mounting: Air vent

    As usual, the Anker had great build quality. It could be mounted only on an air vent, but came with two adaptors. We found the larger one, with three arms to brace it against the dash, was the most solid. It was not quite as stable as a windscreen mount, but the maps were easily readable and the charge results were good, at 26 and eight per cent. The unit was able to charge at 5W, 7.5W or 10W, depending on the phone. Its power lead of just 90cm might be a hassle for some, and its practicality.

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    Fix2car Wireless Charger 64505

    Price: Around £40
    Rating: 4 stars
    Mounting: Windscreen

    This features a plastic sucker with a bezel to tighten it on the screen. In 30 minutes it added 16 per cent. We liked the cradle, with its lugs at the base to secure the phone, but the lock button release was sharp. Even over bumpy roads, it was stable, and the ratchet and knuckle joint made adjustment easy. But a single mount and short USB lead held it back.

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    Adonit Auto-Clamping Wireless Car Charger

    Price: Around £70
    Rating: 3.5 stars
    Mounting: Air vent/windscreen/dashboard

    The dual-coil Adonit gets ‘cool’ points for its automatic powered arms. An infrared sensor detects the phone, opens the arms and secures it, although positioning must be precise. Releasing requires a touch of a button, but we had to take care to hold the phone because there are no lower lugs.

    The twin-socket, 3.1A CLA has Quick Charge, and added 18 per cent in 30 minutes on the road and 27 per cent with no load. The bracket has two joints, which means it isn’t as stable as other rivals, but it stuck well to dash and screen. We weren’t impressed with the short, one-metre lead or fiddly air vent bracket. Good in parts, but it didn’t justify the price.

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