Big car quiz of the year 2019 – answers

So how did you do? Here are the answers to our big car quiz of the yearThat was 2019

1          a) Ford
2          b) 400
3          b) 10 years of the R8
4          c) Fullback
5          c) £211,599
6          a) Ice cream van
7          b) Moon buggy
8          c) £98,000
9          a) 812 Superfast
10        b) 8th generation

Sporting chance

11       a) Jorge Lorenzo
12       b) Six
13       a) Estonian
14       c) Simon Pagenaud
15       a) Alexander Albon
16       a) Toyota
17       b) 385
18       c) 2 points
19       b) Vietnam
20       a) Citroen


21       a) 4,180,000
22       b) Red and blue
23       b) 1965
24       c) Median strip
25       b) 1985
26       a) 14
27       2) Key West, Florida to Fort Kent, Maine
28       3) BMW
29       2) 1974
30       a) 1969 Dodge Charger


31       c) Kraftwerk
32       a) Datsun and Buick
33       b) It was good for his voice
34       a) He shot it
35       b) Peugeot 405
36       a) I’m in Love With My Car – Queen
37       a) Ferrari 250 GTO
38       c) DeTomaso Mangusta
39       b) 58mph
40       c) Daft Punk

Our friends electric

41       a) SF90 Stradale
42       a) GM EV1
43       b) The Boring Company
44       a) Emit an artificial sound at speeds below 12mph
45       c) Mirafiori, Italy
46       b) Combined Charging System
47       c) Tesla Model 3
48       a) Honda e
49       c) Carbon fibre
50       a) Volkswagen ID.3


51       a) Ott 19 (World Rally champions’ first names, plus the year they won)
52       b) Consul Classic (Model evolution of Ford’s family-sized car in reverse order)
53       c) E46 (BMW 3-Series model codes in chronological order)
54       a) iPace (19) (Winners of the European Car of the Year title and the years that they won)
55       c) Greening (UK’s Secretary of State for Transport in reverse chronological order)
56       a) Blue (UK’s most popular car colours in 2018, according to SMMT)
57       c) A6 (The UK’s longest A-roads, in descending order)
58       a) Lotus Esprit Turbo 81 (James Bond cars and the years in which they appeared on screen)
59       b) M27 J7 (M27 motorway junctions in ascending order; there is no J6)
60       a) Keele (M6 motorway services heading northbound)

Say what? 

61       b) Walter Röhrl
62       a) Henry Ford
63       c) Mario Andretti
64       a) Ralf Speth, CEO of JLR
65       b) “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.”
66       b) “If you ain’t trying to cheat a little, you ain’t likely to win much.”
67       c) “Cars are the sculptures of our everyday lives.”
68       c) Carroll Shelby
69       a) “An expert is someone who tells you why you can’t do something.”
70       a)  “If God had meant for us to walk, why did he give us feet that fit car pedals?”

What’s in a name? 

71       b) It was trademarked by German company Krupps
72       a) Road Rover
73       c) Toyota
74       c) Kauai
75       a) It’s an acronym of Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili
76       a) Electric
77       b) Chrysler
78       c) Morris Mini Minor and Austin Seven
79       a) It’s the Japanese name for the star constellation Pleiades
80       a) Winds

Nuts and bolts

81       a) Clutch
82       b) Suspension systems
83       a) Manifold Absolute Pressure
84       c) Reduces body roll through fast corners
85       b) It has two clutches
86       b) Convertibles
87       b) Worldwide Harmonised Light vehicle Test Procedure
88       c) In the engine, joining the piston to the con rod
89       a) Pferdestärke
90       a) Charging systems for electric cars

Spot the detail

91       Volkswagen ID.3
92       BMW X1
93       Fiat 500X Sport
94       Ford Puma
95       Honda Jazz
96       Jaguar I-Pace
97       Land Rover Defender
98       McLaren 600LT Spider
99       MINI Electric
100     Vauxhall Astra

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