BMW i3 Urban Suite concept turns compact EV into luxury lounge

Fleet of chauffeur driven ‘boutique’ i3s to hit Vegas streets for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show

BMW has created a new concept car for next week’s 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) out in Las Vegas, and it’s a new take on the compact, all-electric i3, this year marking the i3’s sixth full year on sale. 

It’s called the i3 Urban Suite, and as made evident by these pictures it’s little more than a regular i3 with a totally overhauled interior, intended to mimic the “relaxed feel of a boutique hotel” in BMW’s own words.

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The only unchanged elements are the driver’s seat, the steering wheel, the dashboard and the centre console. Everything else within the i3’s compact footprint has been transformed to create a two-seat car with a rear quarters dedicated to passenger comfort.

A new, large single seat trimmed in recycled blue fabric takes its place there, while the front passenger seat has been removed to accomodate a new footrest for the rear occupant. Alongside the large sunken seat is a new wooden desktop complete with a lamp, while there’s also a rear entertainment screen that flips down from the headliner. 

The i3 Urban Suite isn’t just a one-off for the brand’s stand at CES either – BMW has built a fleet of them, and they’ll be shuttling around the streets of Las Vegas for the duration of the expo, the world’s largest personal and consumer electronics show and one becoming increasingly relevant to the automotive industry. 

Anyone wishing to ride in an i3 Urban Suite during the show will be able to summon one via a special smartphone app.

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