British Engine Manufacturing Drops Almost A Quarter In April 2019

We sadly report that British engine manufacturing has fallen significantly recently. April 2019 has seen a drop of -23.4% as UK car plant Brexit shutdowns affect demand. Production for home and international markets are down -41.1% and -12.8% respectively, as global demand is slowed by general economic conditions. It may not be well known, but exports drive production with 7 out of 10 engines manufactured in the UK destined for overseas markets.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “April’s engine figures show the impact of Brexit upheaval across the supply chain. With summer shutdowns at many British car factories brought forward to try to counter the anticipated effects of a 29 March Brexit – a deadline now moved – demand for British-built engines understandably dropped. UK Automotive needs stability and, given its dependency on global demand, we need to secure a favourable Brexit deal that maintains free and frictionless trade with our key export markets and restores confidence, fast.”

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