Bugatti Chiron Sky View option added to hypercar’s line-up

Two glass panels add light to the Bugatti Chiron's cabin, with the new model making its Monterrey debut in August

Bugatti has announced a new optional extra for its Chiron hypercar. Called “Sky View”, it adds a couple of glass panels into the car’s roof and is available to order now.

Each pane of glass measures 65cm long and 44cm wide, and are constructed of laminated sheets of glass with four intermediate layers. According to Bugatti, these layers help to filter out both wind noise and harmful ultraviolet radiation. A dark tint prevents the occupants from being unduly dazzled and adds a little extra privacy.

Bugatti claims that the new openings sliced into the Le Mans racer-style carbon fibre monocoque chassis have actually stiffened the already sturdy roof, so overall chassis stiffness and crash safety are maintained. Bugatti doesn’t state whether the new option increases the car’s weight (and, given its position, the centre of gravity), however.

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While the split glass sheets might look a little ungainly from the outside, it allows the Chiron’s interior to maintain its – literal – centrepiece: the unique spine that arcs through the cabin from the top of the windscreen to its base. As the glass is thinner than the standard roof lining, the Sky View brings the added bonus of an additional 2.7cm of headroom for driver and passenger.

Mechanically, the Chiron remains the same as before. That means it gets a mid-mounted, eight-litre, quad turbo W16 that sends 1,479bhp to all four wheels. The 0-60mph benchmark passes in 2.4 seconds, 0-186mph takes 13.6 seconds and it’ll reach a a circa-261mph top speed.

The Chiron Sky View will be shown to the (very wealthy) public for the first time during the Monterey Car Week held in Pebble Beach, California, at the end of August.

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