CarVertical: Do you Know the History of the Vehicle you are Buying?

Whether you are looking around for a beater vehicle or a new project ride, can you trust what the previous owner has to say about the ride?  No one wants to put their hard earned money towards a vehicle that they aren’t sure if it is safe for them or their family to drive.

So you decide to use CarFax and lookup the information on the vehicle, but many people do not know that the information on that site can be manipulated.  Unlike the other Vin Number Check websites, CarVerticals information CANNOT be manipulated in anyway so you are receiving the truest statements on that ride that has your eye.

Now, CarVertical is more than just any Vin Check.  The information that is shown once looking up the Vin number is turned in by private, public, and insurance sources.  When hearing private, you may be thinking, “Well what if that information isn’t true?  Can anyone turn in information?” No, not just anyone can turn in information and the team at CarVertical will always make sure the information is accurate and true through their trustworthy sources! There is a team at CarVertical that views the information, so never worry about fake information.

Maybe you love CarFax and don’t see the need to switch because you have never had any problems before.  With CarFax, you are not receiving the full information on the vehicle.  CarFax shows only odometer reading, branded title, and past registrations where as CarVertical shows accidents, maintenance, spotted activity, photos of any damages, specific vehicle pros and cons, does stolen vehicle checks and much more!

Let’s say that you have checked the vehicle out thoroughly and you trust that the vehicle is safe, but do you trust the person selling it?  In the United States a vehicle is stolen every 40.9 seconds, do you know if this vehicle is really theirs?  CarVertical will do a GLOBAL check to see if the vehicle you are checking up on has been stolen in any place.  Along with that, you can see a global check of where your vehicle has been trying to be sold!

CarFax may be great to use if you are in the United States or Canada, but what about other countries?  CarFax is not a global resources, but with CarVertical no matter where you are, you are able to do a check up on any vehicle from anywhere in the world!  Everyone deserves to buy a safe and trustworthy vehicle!

Now who wouldn’t want to see proof that this information actually works?  We were given the chance to use CarVertical and used one of the vehicle that our employee drives.  Lindsey has a  2011 Jeep Patriot 2WD that has been in accidents.  We know that this vehicle has been in recorded accidents, check out the video below and let’s see what CarVertical pulls up!

As stated above in the video, it showed all and true information about the vehicle that we searched!

CarVertical is also very affordable.  Compared to CarFax, a single report costs $39.99 but with CarVertical it is $19.99.  CarVertical is currently running a limited time sale, get your full vehicle history report for $14.99.

Keep you and your family safe by using CarVertical to check the true history of your next vehicle!

Check out CarVertical vin checking website and check the full history of any vehicle right at your fingertips!

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