Used Smart ForFour review

A full used buyer’s on the Smart ForFour covering the ForFour Mk2 (2015-date)

Ever since Mercedes subsidiary Smart burst on to the scene in 1998, it’s done its best to offer something different. The firm’s first car was the two-seater Smart Coupé (later known as the ForTwo), while the Mk1 ForFour injected some extra design flair into the supermini segment with its quirky styling and two-tone paint schemes. When the smaller, city-car-sized Mk2 arrived around a decade after its forebear, Continue reading “Used Smart ForFour review”

Used Mercedes SL review

A full used buyer’s guide on the Mercedes SL covering the SL Mk6 (2012-date)VerdictWhile this current Mercedes SL might not have the elegance of its predecessors, that doesn’t stop it from being a hugely desirable luxury cruiser. Despite its SL (Sport Leicht) tag, this is no sports car, although searing pace is available if you opt for one of the ferociously powerful AMG editions. You’ll struggle to use an AMG SL’s performance very often, but you do get a soundtrack that the more Continue reading “Used Mercedes SL review”

Best microfibre cloths and car drying towels 2020

If you want no spots left on your car after washing, you will need to dry it – but which microfibre drying cloth is best for the job?

 You can use a blower, chamois or cloth, but what is, without doubt, is that you need to dry your car after washing and rinsing. If you just leave it, minerals in the water will leave spots on the paint, ruining all your good work with a mitt, shampoo and hose.

You could invest in a water filter to remove the minerals, but even the cheapest option will be Continue reading “Best microfibre cloths and car drying towels 2020”

Best car air fresheners 2020

Get your car smelling nice again as we choose the best car air fresheners from brands like Jelly Belly and Yankee Candle

Despite selling in there hundreds of thousands every year, air fresheners are still either loved or hated by drivers. Spray versions tend to be the best solution for many people, because they can get rid of unpleasant smells, but don’t hang around in the interior for weeks.

From mirror hangers and vent mounts to designs that pop under the seat or in a cup-holder, Continue reading “Best car air fresheners 2020”

Best steering wheel locks 2020

We test the best steering wheel locks on the market to stop hi-tech thieves in their tracks

An increase in the keyless theft of cars has seen sales of steering wheel locks, pedal locks and gearlever locks soar, as owners look to bolster their car’s vulnerable electronic security. With a number of products to choose from on the market, we decided to test the best steering wheel locks on offer to help drivers pick the best kit to deter criminals.

Ironically, it was electronic security that Continue reading “Best steering wheel locks 2020”

Best car mats on sale 2020

Which car mat sets offer the best protection for your vehicle’s carpets?

A set of protective floor mats is a fraction of the cost of new carpets and a great investment. By keeping your car neat inside, you’ll increase its value come resale time. Fully tailored sets fit and look better, but are more expensive. Universal sets are the cheapest, but it’s a lottery whether they suit the footwells. In general, trim-to-fit offers the best compromise.

The choice of materials is generally Continue reading “Best car mats on sale 2020”

Best roof boxes 2020

Looking for a roof box for the holiday season? We test eight of the best load carriers on the market

As many of us start to plan holidays, thoughts turn to how we’ll squeeze our family and all our luggage in the car. Roof boxes are a neat solution, creating space in the cabin and making everyone more comfortable. They also mean you needn’t drive a car bigger than you need all year for a few days away with the family.

Yet not all roof boxes are created equal. We’ve tested eight of Continue reading “Best roof boxes 2020”

Used Toyota GT86 review

A full used buyer’s guide on the Toyota GT86 covering the GT86 Mk1 (2012-date)VerdictAs soon as the GT86 arrived, it was critically acclaimed for its brilliant handling, but that was the icing on a very appealing cake. While many driver’s cars are compromised in terms of reliability, practicality or affordability, that isn’t the case with the Toyota. This really is a model that will suit a huge number of people unless ultimate practicality is key. The potential fly in the ointment is Continue reading “Used Toyota GT86 review”

Best car battery chargers tested 2020

We find out which device has the power to keep your car’s battery in tip-top condition

Battery chargers have long stopped being just for when you’ve left the lights on and can’t start the car. The latest models are packed with electronics, designed not just to charge a battery, but also to recondition it and keep it topped up when it’s left unused for long periods.

Plus, the best can handle the latest types, including lithium, and power-hungry tech such as stop/start. So which is Continue reading “Best car battery chargers tested 2020”

Best wireless charger phone holders 2020

We test the best wireless charger phone holders to find out which you should buy.

A wireless car charger makes charging your smartphone on the go incredibly easy, but what if you need to use your phone for sat-nav while driving? Inductive phone holders are the answer.

Most of us charge our phones at home or at work, but a QI (pronounced chee) inductive wireless holder lets you revive it in-car without fiddling with cables. Newer smartphones have QI capability, but most can be adapted by Continue reading “Best wireless charger phone holders 2020”