Best estate cars to buy in 2020

A good estate car delivers practicality, space and low running costs – here are the 10 best estates on sale in the UK today

The estate car was once the must-have option for families seeking extra carrying capacity from their new vehicle. Today, competition from MPVs and, particularly, SUVs means that estates are less of a default choice, but you overlook them at your peril. With such a large variety on sale today, there’s likely to be an estate car suitable for almost everyone, whether they Continue reading “Best estate cars to buy in 2020”

Best large SUVs on sale 2020

We examine the big 4×4 market and deliver our verdict on the 10 best large SUVs on sale…

There was a time, not so long ago, when large SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) were clunky, woolly-handling behemoths that sucked fuel at a frightening rate, wallowed through corners, and bounced occupants uncomfortably over pot-holes while assailing them with engine noise, wind and tyre roar. Then some bright spark invented the road-biased or crossover SUV concept, which kept all the attributes that large Continue reading “Best large SUVs on sale 2020”

Best company cars £35,000 and above

Best company cars if you have £35,000 or more to spendBMW 5 Series

Model: BMW 520d M Sport
Price: £41,585
Engine/power: 2.0-litre 4cyl/187bhp
CO2/BiK band: 119g/km/31 per cent
0-62mph/top speed: 7.3 secs/146mph
Monthly BiK Bill high rate: £427
Monthly BiK Bill low rate: £214

Like the 320d, the 520d is a class leader. If you need more space than the 3 Series can offer, then step up to BMW’s full-size executive saloon and go for M Sport Continue reading “Best company cars £35,000 and above”

Fastest depreciating cars: top 10 worst motoring money pits

Almost every new car depreciates, but some shed value faster than others. These are the top 10 fastest depreciating cars on sale today

Forget miles per gallon or insurance, the biggest cost of running a car is depreciation, otherwise known as the difference between the new on-the-road price and the figure achievable when selling a car to its next owner. That second-hand price is also known as the car’s residual value, and if you’re not careful it can be a real sting in the tail of any new Continue reading “Fastest depreciating cars: top 10 worst motoring money pits”

Best American cars of all time

When America gets a car right it's something to behold. Here are our top ten cars stateside cars

The culture surrounding American cars is incredibly diverse, and it can mean different things to different people. The quintessential US motor is the American muscle car, with monstrous V8s and aggressive styling. But other iconic looks include the chrome and fins of the 1950s, the Al Capone gangster era, and of course hot-rod and drag racing machines as well.

Meanwhile there are historic Continue reading “Best American cars of all time”

Best tow cars to buy in 2020

The annual Tow Car of the Year awards have been announced and these are the best cars for towing currently on sale

Us Brits love our caravans. There are more than half a million touring caravans on the road and collectively we spend £2billion a year on caravan holidays. Caravans are, it’s fair to say, big business in the UK. And that’s not counting the thousands of trailers, horseboxes and boats we tow behind our cars each year.

Having the best tow car certainly helps, and helpfully Continue reading “Best tow cars to buy in 2020”

Best fast estate cars 2020

Blistering pace and excellent space, here are the best fast estate cars in the world

Everyone wants a speed machine in their life, but the reality is that many also want practically for day to day tasks. Step forward the fast estate car. Effortlessly blending acres of boot spaces and hot hatch humiliating power. 

For years Germany has been seen to dominate this corner of the market, with Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Volkswagen all selling successful fast estate cars. But recently, the rise of Continue reading “Best fast estate cars 2020”

Best luxury cars 2020

Relax in total comfort with our top 10 best luxury cars to buy list – providing your wallet can afford those premium prices

The sign of a great luxury car is that you arrive at your destination, no matter how long or short the distance, feeling more relaxed than when you set off. Whether that is through massaging seats, the quietness of the cabin or the selection of on-board gadgets to play with, a luxury car is designed to be the very best in motoring that money can buy.

Many Continue reading “Best luxury cars 2020”

Best hybrid SUVs 2020

With diesels under fire from the green lobby, hybrid SUV options look increasingly attractive – but which hybrid SUV is best for you?

It used to be thought that SUVs and 4x4s with diesel powertrains were a match made in heaven. Diesel engines offer lots of low-down grunt to move big, heavy cars, and they’re superbly economical too.

Then came dieselgate, and an environmental backlash against previously favoured diesel engines due to a new focus on localised air pollution. If you Continue reading “Best hybrid SUVs 2020”

Best new car deals 2020

Thinking of buying a brand new '69' plate car? We’ve rounded up the best new car deals on the market

Looking for the best new car deals on the market, then look no further. A brand new ’69’ plate car doesn’t have to be out of reach with almost all manufacturers offering a wide-range of PCP new car deals, many coming with 0 per cent APR, but finding the best new car deals can be tricky.

To help, we’ve put together a selection of the best new car deals that you simply can’t Continue reading “Best new car deals 2020”