Best for build quality

Is your car free of squeaks and rattles? We name those that are.

Category: Build Quality

Have you ever been driven mad by a rattle in your car’s cabin that you can’t pinpoint?

Or maybe it’s the squeak that the armrest developed after you went over a speed hump that drove you to distraction?

The quality of the fit and finish of any car is crucial to its long term durability, and hints at reliability too. In the build category we asked you to rate how well your model is screwed Continue reading “Best for build quality”

Best crossover cars and small SUVs 2020

There's a huge range of crossovers and small SUVs on the market today. These are our top ten picks

It’s no secret that the new car marketplace today is dominated by SUVs of all sizes. However, it’s the smallest ones that are proving particularly popular with buyers. Largely based on supermini underpinnings but boasting the raised driving position and extra flexibility that so many motorists crave, small SUVs suit modern family life perfectly; many models stand not only as viable Continue reading “Best crossover cars and small SUVs 2020”

The best 0% finance car deals 2020

We have picked some of the best 0% finance deals available in the UK right now

Interest rates on car finance deals can be off-putting when it comes to buying a new car, with the prospect of ballooning costs forcing plenty of potential customers to opt for an alternative path. Fortunately, some finance deals are available with 0 per cent APR, giving buyers predictable monthly costs over the course of a contract.

Used by carmakers to tempt new buyers, a 0 per cent APR deal will ensure you Continue reading “The best 0% finance car deals 2020”

Best four-seat sports cars to buy 2020

If you want a sports car but need the practicality of four seats, there are some great four-seat sports car options out there right now.

The modern sports car has to be more capable and accomplished than ever before. Today’s buyers still want all the thrills of a high-performance machine, but few are willing to compromise on space, comfort and even efficiency, meaning anything less than a well-rounded package will find itself at the bottom of potential shopping lists. 

Fortunately, Continue reading “Best four-seat sports cars to buy 2020”

Best estate cars to buy in 2020

A good estate car delivers practicality, space and low running costs – here are the 10 best estates on sale in the UK today

The estate car was once the must-have option for families seeking extra carrying capacity from their new vehicle. Today, competition from MPVs and, particularly, SUVs means that estates are less of a default choice, but you overlook them at your peril. With such a large variety on sale today, there’s likely to be an estate car suitable for almost everyone, whether they Continue reading “Best estate cars to buy in 2020”

Best large SUVs on sale 2020

We examine the big 4×4 market and deliver our verdict on the 10 best large SUVs on sale…

There was a time, not so long ago, when large SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) were clunky, woolly-handling behemoths that sucked fuel at a frightening rate, wallowed through corners, and bounced occupants uncomfortably over pot-holes while assailing them with engine noise, wind and tyre roar. Then some bright spark invented the road-biased or crossover SUV concept, which kept all the attributes that large Continue reading “Best large SUVs on sale 2020”

Best company cars £35,000 and above

Best company cars if you have £35,000 or more to spendBMW 5 Series

Model: BMW 520d M Sport
Price: £41,585
Engine/power: 2.0-litre 4cyl/187bhp
CO2/BiK band: 119g/km/31 per cent
0-62mph/top speed: 7.3 secs/146mph
Monthly BiK Bill high rate: £427
Monthly BiK Bill low rate: £214

Like the 320d, the 520d is a class leader. If you need more space than the 3 Series can offer, then step up to BMW’s full-size executive saloon and go for M Sport Continue reading “Best company cars £35,000 and above”

Fastest depreciating cars: top 10 worst motoring money pits

Almost every new car depreciates, but some shed value faster than others. These are the top 10 fastest depreciating cars on sale today

Forget miles per gallon or insurance, the biggest cost of running a car is depreciation, otherwise known as the difference between the new on-the-road price and the figure achievable when selling a car to its next owner. That second-hand price is also known as the car’s residual value, and if you’re not careful it can be a real sting in the tail of any new Continue reading “Fastest depreciating cars: top 10 worst motoring money pits”

Best American cars of all time

When America gets a car right it's something to behold. Here are our top ten cars stateside cars

The culture surrounding American cars is incredibly diverse, and it can mean different things to different people. The quintessential US motor is the American muscle car, with monstrous V8s and aggressive styling. But other iconic looks include the chrome and fins of the 1950s, the Al Capone gangster era, and of course hot-rod and drag racing machines as well.

Meanwhile there are historic Continue reading “Best American cars of all time”

Best tow cars to buy in 2020

The annual Tow Car of the Year awards have been announced and these are the best cars for towing currently on sale

Us Brits love our caravans. There are more than half a million touring caravans on the road and collectively we spend £2billion a year on caravan holidays. Caravans are, it’s fair to say, big business in the UK. And that’s not counting the thousands of trailers, horseboxes and boats we tow behind our cars each year.

Having the best tow car certainly helps, and helpfully Continue reading “Best tow cars to buy in 2020”