Concept cars: the all-time greatest designs

Concept cars are what happens when the car industry lets its imagination run wild. We pick out the greatest ever concepts…

Concept cars. They’re not for sale, and a lot of them aren’t even able to move under their own power. Yet the concept car is a vital asset to the car makers that build them. They can showcase a new design direction for a company, or reveal future technology that will reach production in later years. Either way, the reveal of a concept car can be just as exciting as Continue reading “Concept cars: the all-time greatest designs”

Best new car deals 2019 – Black Friday special

Thinking of buying a brand new '69' plate car? We’ve rounded up the best new car deals on Black Friday

Looking for the best new car deals on Black Friday, then look no further. A brand new ’69’ plate car doesn’t have to be out of reach with almost all manufacturers offering a wide-range of PCP new car deals, many coming with 0 per cent APR, but finding the best new car deals can be tricky.

To help, we’ve put together a selection of the best new car deals that you simply Continue reading “Best new car deals 2019 – Black Friday special”

Top 10 most comfortable cars on sale

We pick 10 of the most comfortable cars to drive, or be driven in, currently on sale in the UK

For some, perhaps more senior drivers, a comfortable car will be more appealing than one that offers the last degree of handling finesse. The importance of a smooth ride is emphasised in this country by our notoriously bumpy roads and that’s why we’ve produced a list of the 10 most comfortable cars on sale in the UK. These cars offer comfort like no other, whether you are driving or being driven, Continue reading “Top 10 most comfortable cars on sale”

Best free insurance car deals 2019

Free car insurance is a big deal, especially if you are a young driver as the savings on your premium could be huge

Looking for new cars that come with free insurance is like wading into murky water. There are many offers out there claiming to provide free insurance, but the truth of the matter is, you will always end up paying more for the car if there is a free insurance deal tagged on than you would normally – especially if you are a younger driver.

You need to make sure that the Continue reading “Best free insurance car deals 2019”

The best new cars for under £150 a month

Set your monthly budget to just £150 and you’ll find you can take your pick from some brilliant new cars

A budget of £150 can get you a cracking car, and not just a diminutive city car, as included in our list of the best cars for under £150 per month is the Dacia Logan MCV and Renault Captur. 

While this is good news for some, a large number of motorists looking for affordable motoring only need a small car, and with the likes of the Volkswagen up!, Mazda 2 and Kia Picanto all Continue reading “The best new cars for under £150 a month”

Best large SUVs on sale 2019

We examine the big 4×4 market and deliver our verdict on the 10 best large SUVs on sale…

There was a time, not so long ago, when large SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) were clunky, woolly-handling behemoths that sucked fuel at a frightening rate, wallowed through corners, and bounced occupants uncomfortably over pot-holes while assailing them with engine noise, wind and tyre roar. Then some bright spark invented the road-biased or crossover SUV concept, which kept all the attributes that large Continue reading “Best large SUVs on sale 2019”

W Motors Fenyr Supersport – world’s fastest road cars

Another obscure car maker, most famous for appearing in the Fast & Furious films

Top speed: 245mph
Price: £1.4million

The first Middle Eastern supercar maker is W Motors. First established in Lebanon and now based in Dubai, W Motors has followed up the Lykan HyperSport with the Fenyr SuperSport. Both are capable of 245mph, according to the maker.

Power units are sourced from German Porsche tuner Ruf, so there’s a twin-turbocharged flat-six mounted behind the cockpit, Continue reading “W Motors Fenyr Supersport – world’s fastest road cars”

World’s fastest production cars 2019

Join the 200mph+ club, as we round up the fastest road cars on sale in 2019

In the past, if you wanted a fast car, you’d need something expensive and rare that could hit 200mph. But with the Koenigsegg Agera RS clocking 277.9mph to be the fastest production car on sale in 2019, 200mph is merely seen as just another figure to pass on the way to truly astronomical speeds.

The Agera RS is the latest in a long line of speed machines to set a new record. It added another 20mph to the top speed Continue reading “World’s fastest production cars 2019”

Koenigsegg Agera RS – world’s fastest road cars

Swedish supercar maker builds unique one-off models, and the Agera RS is officially the fastest of all

Top speed: 277.9mph
Price: £1.5million

Koenigsegg will only be a household name if you’re a diehard petrolhead or have a member of the family who’s into racing games, but the Swedish car maker currently holds the title of world’s fastest car. While historic names such as Ferrari or Lamborghini continue to feature on the majority of bedroom walls, the Agera RS (one of the latest Continue reading “Koenigsegg Agera RS – world’s fastest road cars”