CES 2019 Live Coverage

CES 2019 is the place to be if you are wanting to see what new is coming to the automotive field. Although the entire event is full of now electronic innovations that are coming, it also shows off what is upcoming and new in the automotive field as well. This year brought in things you wouldn’t have even imagined!

You may have an Amazon Alexa in your home now, but soon you may be able to expect her in your car. This is known as the Echo Auto. This device will allow you to find gas stations nearest to you, makes calls, check the news, listen to your audio book, and much more. Currently only available through invitation, but as soon as it is open to the public you can add the Echo Auto to your ride!

Remember the Hover Board from Back to the Future? Well how about a hover bike? Currently out in Dubai, Dubai police are testing out a fully functional carbon fiber hover bike. You can see this released within the next few years in the US and since it is an ultralight aircraft, you wont need a pilots license or certification to drive it!

CES 2019 has always been an amazing time, but what they brought next is something we were not prepared for! Germany has created a new, fully electric vehicle, but that isn’t the best part. The interior dash has a full LED screen that takes up the ENTIRE dash, left to right. With this technology, you can check out the weather, text messages, emails, vehicles that are too close to you, and much more. Could this be the next big thing in for all future vehicles?

Could you imagine riding in a fully functional Hover Helicopter? The idea is that Bell , the manufacturer of this Hover Helicopter, would make a deal with Uber to where you could travel with 150 mile range in one hour. These bad boy will start flying for testing in 2020 and released to the public in 2025 or 2026.

CES has their website up and running with information for the 2020 show!

Wanting to see more coverage on CES? We have years of coverage just for you!

Check out more live coverage from CES 2019 below!

Live Coverage by: Gauge Staff

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