Clean Culture x Import Expo 2018

Clean Culture x Import Expo

Clean Culture x Import Expo was held in Chicago Illinois on August 26, 2018. For the first time in this shows history, they arrived in Chicago and take over the Dupage County Fairgrounds.  The show brought out some of the best rides that have been hidden in Chicago!

When a new car show comes into an area, you always wonder what you can and cannot expect.  Whatever you were expecting for this show, you can raise the bar because they brought it all!  With the heat reaching a high 95 degrees, many people wanted to stay inside in the nice shade and air conditioning but with a quick glance at what was in store in the allotted parking area, you had no care for the AC anymore.

The NV.US filled the outside parking lot with their large number of club cars and that attendees made sure to head out to and see what they brought!  Along side of the show, you always had vendors selling apparel, stickers/vinyl, detailing chemicals and even coilovers. Inside the show you could find cars from various clubs such as vaded mob and JdmChicago.  But you absolutely couldn’t miss out on the two brand new Acura NSX’s on display!

Acura NSX


There was a lot to spectate at Clean Culture x Import Expo but if you were looking to participate in the show, they held a 2Step Competition and a law car limbo.  At the end of the day, for this shows first time in Chicago it was a huge success.  Clean Culture x Import Expo also made the special announcement of their return in 2019.


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Wanting more information on Clean Culture x Import Expo?  Check out their website!

Photos by: Chris Gosda

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