Coil Spring Damage

A very extreme example!

A lot of modern cars are equipped with coil spring suspension – go and have a look at your car.  Have you done so?  Did you notice wound steel springs set up to take the up-and-down movement of the vehicle?  These are your coil springs.

Coil springs are unfortunately one of the most frequently damaged parts of a vehicle – due to loads that they bear and the ever more common speed bumps up and down the country.  Other parts of the suspension system (joints, shock absorbers and wishbones) also take the strain and can fail.

In a previous job, I had to drive over 4 sets of speed bumps on the way to work and 4 back.  This resulted in damage to a rear coil, as part of the coil actually snapped off. I found it lying in the car park, but knew immediately what it was. This damage is an MOT fail.

Some companies offer a variety of pieces of kit that act to support your coil springs, the most common of which is a rubber that works to reduce shock.  How effective these are I’m not sure – but my recommendation is to get your mechanic to look over your suspension now and then, say when you take the car in for a service and MOT, or even when you’re getting tyres fitted.

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