Comparing New Dodge Truck Models: How to Know Which Is Best for You

There are many excellent options offered by Dodge for truck buyers in 2019. Learn how to know which of the newest Dodge truck models would be best for you here.

This is a record-breaking year for Ram. The company has officially passed Chevy to become the second most popular full-size truck brand in the country.

This is all thanks to the impressive features that the Dodge truck models have. Each one of the trucks in the Ram lineup has the perfect combination of luxury and power. 

But which truck is the one you should buy? We’ve created a comparison to help you decide which truck is right for you. 

RAM 1500

The RAM 1500 is the smallest of the trucks in the lineup. However, that doesn’t mean that these trucks are small. You’ll make a statement as you roll down the road in a sculpted body. 

The 1500 features best in class towing capabilities with a V8 engine. This lets you tow up to 12,750 pounds. 

A high-strength steel frame made with 98% steel increases the stiffness and durability of your truck. It also gives the 1500 a payload capacity of 2,300 pounds. 

The 1500 also has the option of eTorque. This is a hybrid system that will replace your traditional alternator with a 48-volt battery. This battery will power a belt-drive motor-generator. 

This system improves performance, payload capacity, and efficiency. 


You’ll love the luxurious touches in the cabin. There is a massive 12-inch touchscreen that comes loaded with all of the technology features you’d expect. 

Then there is the Harman Kardon premium sound system. A total of 19 speakers surround you in sound. 

Each trim package has its own colors, materials, and details for the interior of the 1500. You can expect premium two-toned leather seating, hidden storage bins, a redesigned center console, and a rear flat-load floor. 


Customize your 1500 with exterior accessories. Choose from a soft roll-up, hard folding, or one-piece tonneau cover for the bed of your truck. 

Then add running boards; there are three different options. Customize your wheels with a selection of Mopar wheels. 

Then there’s a wide selection of storage and towing accessories to make your truck functional for your needs. 

Multi-Function Tailgate 

One standout feature of the 1500 is the multi-function tailgate. You can have the tailgate fully closed like a traditional tailgate. Then open and drop it down. 

There is a second option of a 60/40 split door open. When the tailgate is closed, the tailgate splits, and the doors swing open up to 88 degrees. 

This makes it convenient to step up into the truck, load bulky items, and clean the bed. 

RAM 2500

This truck is in the middle of the lineup, the 2500 offers both comfort and performance. You can tow up to 19,780 pounds.

A high-strength steel frame supports the truck and helps give it impressive capabilities. All while reducing the total weight of the truck by up to 40 pounds. This is done with the use of aluminum. 

Included in the truck is an auto-level rear air suspension. It responds to your command and automatically adapts to your load shifting and changes in road camber. 


The RAM 2500 also features leather interior seating. But it pairs these luxurious seats with real wood interior trim.

Then there is the Power Wagon that features a tough and rugged feel. The seats are a durable vinyl. 

In the back, you will find that the rear seat reclines. It can slant back an impressive 15 degrees. 

When it comes to entertainment, it is the best in its segment with an impressive 17 speakers and a 750-watt amplifier. This is paired with active noise cancellation. 


The 2500 is designed to work for you with a Rambox storage cargo management system. Accessing this storage is a breeze with the bed lighting system.

Pair that with the dampened and power release liftgate and you can continue to work when the sun goes down and your muscles get tired. 

RAM 3500

When you purchase the RAM 3500, you get 1,000 pounds per foot of torque. This lets you tow up to 35,100 pounds. Then a powerful motor pumps out an impressive 410 horsepower. 

A powerful 6.7L turbo diesel engine is the source of the impressive capabilities of this truck. Similar to the 2500 model, the 3500 comes with the auto-level rear air suspension and high-strength steel frame. 


The interior of the 3500 looks similar to the 2500 with the same luxurious leather seating, impressive audio system, noise cancellation, and reclining back seat. 

There’s also an improved center console. It’s so large you can comfortably store a 15-inch laptop in it. Or stow your tablet or cell phone for wireless charging. 


You can find all of the exterior bed features from the 2500 in the 3500. You’ll find the storage, the bed lighting, and the power tailgate. 

You’ll also have side mirrors that are heated, power, convex, and memory capable. They even have a spotlight that shines towards the rear of the vehicle to give you increased visibility at night. 

Trim Packages 

There are six different trim packages available for the 1500. 

  • Limited 
  • Laramie Longhorn 
  • Rebel 
  • Laramie 
  • Bighorn 
  • Tradesman 
  • The same trim models are available for the 2500, except the Rebel is replaced with the Power Wagon. There’s no equivalent Rebel/Power Wagon model option available for the 3500. 

    See here a complete inventory of the different trim packages. This will let you compare the looks of each truck’s trim package. 

    Safety Features 

    All three models have available driver-assist features that include parking assist, smart cruising, and lane departure warning. The 360-degree monitoring is a blessing when maneuvering your large truck in tight places. 

    Compare the Dodge Truck Models

    When it comes to finding the right model for you, start with comparing the Dodge truck models. Choose the truck that meets your payload and towing capacity needs. 

    Once you choose 1500, 2500, or 3500, you can then select your trim package. With six to choose from, you are sure to find the truck that fits your style. 

    Check out the latest issue of our magazine for more informative car articles. 

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