Continental All Season Contact

Overall score: 100%Continental All Season Contact

A quick look at the results reveals the test’s dominant tyre. No matter what the surface, the AllSeasonContact was on the podium – and apart from one third and one fifth place, it was in the top two. That joint fifth in the cabin noise test was the only real blot on a remarkable result – and even that was just 0.8 per cent off the best. 

It also felt good to drive, with characteristics more akin to a summer tyre’s than the softness of a winter or snow-focused all-season. The tread pattern has noticeably fewer sipes than most rivals, and that placed it closer to the Michelin’s focus on wet and dry grip. Despite this, it was quickest around the snow-handling track and circle, thanks to good traction and strong front grip.

It felt lively on the wet circuit, again showing strong traction and front-end grip. Despite this strong front end,the rear was well controlled, with little movement. The liveliness was present

in the dry, too, with little sign of the front washing out or the masses of lock needed by most rivals. Continental has come late to the all-season party, but it has made a winning entrance.

We say: “Great test debut that shows how an all-season tyre should perform.” say: “Despite being a fairly new addition, customers rate it highly for its winter performance and value for money.”

ResultsSnow braking98.5%2ndSnow traction100%1stSnow circle100%1stSnow handling100%1stStraight aquaplaning99.6%2ndCurved aquaplaning91.4%3rdWet braking98.5%2ndWet handling99.1%2ndWet circle100%1stDry braking95.3%2ndDry handling99.8%2ndRolling resistance93.5%2ndCabin noise99.2%=5thPrice£113.57


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