Convenient Solutions For Your Troubles While On The Road

One of the sad realities of car ownership is that problems always seem to happen at the worst possible times. Whether you are in the middle of a busy rush-hour or on a highway far from any civilization, it is pretty much guaranteed that your car troubles will act up when you least want them to.

Fortunately, there are some quick fixes for many common car problems that can get you back on the road and rolling safely with little fuss or hassle. Let us look at a few convenient solutions to some of the most common car troubles you will experience on the road.

The Problem: Engine will not start.

The Solution: The first thing you need to do is identify the most likely reason that your car is not starting.

If you get no sound at all when turning the key, then check your battery cables to ensure that everything is connected.

If the car cranks but does not start, then it is most likely faulty spark plugs, a dead battery or your fuel injector. Try jump starting your car, and then get it inspected as soon as possible. If the jump start does not work, then the only solution is to get it towed to the nearest mechanic shop. Drivers in a strange area may ask themselves “if there is a tow truck near me?”, but you do not need to worry as tow truck companies cover almost every area of the country where there are public roads.

The Problem: Overheating engine.

The Solution: An overheating engine is caused by either a lack of coolant or a faulty radiator fan.

A lack of coolant can be solved by simply filling your car’s coolant tank, but be sure to check for any leaks or disconnected tubes to avoid a repeat of the same problem.

A quick survey of your car’s radiator fan will allow you to see if there are any disconnected wires or if the fan itself is damaged.





The Problem: Screeching brakes.

The Solution: While noisy brakes can be one of the most annoying and dangerous car problems, the solution is very straightforward.Inspect your brake pads to see if they are looking worn down. Worn brake pads can be replaced at your nearest convenience to ensure smooth and safe braking.

If your brake pads are not worn or if the problem persists after replacement, then you need to take your car into a professional for inspection.

The Problem: No or weak air-conditioning.
The Solution: Your car’s air conditioning relies on a small tank of refrigerant that will get used up over time. This refrigerant can also leak out if there is damage to its tank or any of the connecting hoses.
Quickly inspect the refrigerant tank and any connecting hoses for leaks or cracks, and then simply refill the tank with the appropriate refrigerant if there is no other damage.


Small Problems, Easy Solutions
While many modern car troubles will require a tow to the nearest service station, there are a few common problems with easy solutions. Take a quick minute to see if you can safely and reliably solve your car problems yourself, and then contact a local tow company and a professional mechanic if the problem is too much for you to handle.


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