Crossover SUV Comparisons: Lincoln Versus Lexus

At a certain point as you climb up the rungs of quality, whichever of two things you prefer boils down to personal taste. When two expert artists put everything they have into their work, there isn’t an objective way to conclude which is better.

Lexus and Lincoln can be talked about in the same way, because their reputation for producing vehicles embodying world-class luxury is well earned. Only with cars, preference isn’t always subjective. Some things such as torque or engine power are quantifiable.

Let’s look at some of the latest comparable models from each manufacturer, and see where the Lexus vs Lincoln debate currently stands.

Lexus RX and the Lincoln MKC: The Basics

The Lexus RX is Toyota’s luxury full-sized SUV. It’s been redesigned to offer attractive lines. Inside are premium features like hand-stitched steering wheel and seats. The Lexus RX comes in an RXL option which has a third row of seats, so it can comfortably seat six or seven people, depending on the configuration you choose.

The Lincoln MKC 2019 has the edge against the Lexus RX in terms of horsepower and torque, offering an optional 2.3L engine boasting 285 horsepower and 305 lb.-ft. of torque. In terms of fuel consumption, the Lincoln manages to get 12.1/9.3 L/100km (city/highway) because of an optional idle stop feature which turns off the engine at stop signs — perfect for downtown, city driving.

The Lincoln is also a sleeker shape than the Lexus RX, making it easier to navigate dense urban areas without sacrificing comfort from the interior.


This is one place where the Lincoln separates itself: the MKC has its own embedded modem offering the driver and passengers 4G Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s easy to connect up to 10 devices to the internet within 50 feet of the vehicle. It’s also extremely easy to stay connected to your favourite apps while driving: Waze and Lincoln + Alexa are integrated into the vehicle itself, so you can control these third-party apps from your vehicle’s monitor.

The Lexus has a redesigned 12.3-inch wide-screen monitor to control its Lexus Enform platform.

Adaptive Suspensions

The Lincoln MKC’s adaptive suspension uses an available group of sensors and monitors to adjust the suspension while you drive. Choose between an operating mode — Comfort, Normal, or Sport — to get a different thrill behind the wheel.

The Lexus RX matches this: choose between Eco, Normal and Sport S mode so you can be in sync with the road, or your mood. Both vehicles drive smoothly and offer more power and spunk than you might expect from a larger vehicle.

Both these vehicles are wonderful examples of how far auto manufacturers have come in terms of creating vehicles that are versatile and eco-friendly while still offering a spirited drive. Technology is incorporated admirably into both vehicles, but the Lincoln gets the edge for being easier to use and offering a fuller experience. The specs go in Lincoln’s favour too, but these are two wonderful vehicles and you are sure to love either one.

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