Dacia introduces new Bi-Fuel LPG powertrain on all UK models

New Petrol/LPG combined propulsion gives promises Dacia models more torque and lower running costs

Dacia has launched a new factory-fitted dual-fuel petrol and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) powertrain, which will be available on every model the brand currently sells in Britain.

The new engine is called Bi-Fuel, and comprises a new 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that can run on both petrol and LPG. It’s able to switch between the two fuels at the touch of a button on the dashboard.

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Dacia claims that the new powertrain will deliver enhanced performance due to more torque and reduced fuel costs for customers – an average of £594 a year based on the average mileage of Sandero Stepway buyers – while also delivering lower emissions.

That’s crucial for Dacia, as the budget-oriented Renault sub-brand currently sells no hybrid models whatsoever, yet must meet stringent new fleet CO2 targets of 95g/km by next year, or face hefty fines from the European Union.

In the Sandero, the new powertrain is capable of 39.8mpg with CO2 emissions of 116g/km, while a Duster Bi-Fuel can do 35.3mpg with 129g/km coming out of the exhaust when using LPG – a reduction of around 11 per cent. 

In all Bi-Fuel models, a new LPG tank – 32 litres in the Sandero and Logan MCV and 34 litres in the Duster – is fitted under the boot floor where the spare wheel would otherwise be. It means that boot space in all Bi-Fuel models is unaffected.

Prices for the Bi-Fuel Sandero begin from £9,095, the Logan MCV is priced from £10,595, and the Duster kicks off from £12,895. 

At present, around 1,400 of the UK’s 8,000 fuel stations sell LPG, the average nationwide price of which is 63p per litre – around half that of petrol.

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