Daimler Trucks North America

This is an automotive manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Its headquarters are in the Portland, Oregon. The U.S. based company which is German owned decided to focus on self-driving technology by introducing self-driving semi. Self-driving trucks make sense economically because it brings a significant boost for businesses. This technology is expected to triple trucks on the road as the same technology is expected to triple essay writing services. Autonomous technology will increase productivity because it will ensure drivers are on the roads for longer. This also means road safety due to the reduction of accidents because drowsiness and distraction will be prevented. This means drivers will have relief from 100 percent paying attention to the road and they will be productive. Maintenance and logistical issues will be reduced, thus reducing the probability of distractions while on the road. The Daimler Trucks North America has pulled a win-win situation with the economical truck transport, which is faster and safer with technology reducing the cost of goods.

When do we expect the self-drive trucks?

Though, the self-drive 18 wheelers might not be seen on the roads yet, due to policy issues but the technology is in check. This is because some of the vehicle parts will need to be replaced such as replacing the side mirrors with monitors and cameras increasing fuel efficiency which is stuck at the regulations to govern it. The monitors and camera are already in use in the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The system is equipped with a radar sensor which is essential so that the car maintains distance from other vehicles and highly sensitive cameras which detect road markers to keep the truck on its lane.

The Daimler Trucks North America Steering assistance is different from the C-Class assistant. The C-class is sensitive that once it detects the driver’s hands on the steering wheel it deactivates the autonomous mode. The truck has been modified further because it remains in a semi-autonomous mode when the driver’s hands are on the steering. The only time it deactivates is when it senses slow traffic and warns the driver before deactivating the autonomous mode.

Full autonomous or partially autonomous

The manufacturer confesses that they are not ready to develop a full autonomous truck because they believe that the driver is an essential part of the truck. However, self-driving vehicles will have enormous commercial implications.

The Oregon department of transportation has been supportive of the development of autonomous trucks by permitting the company to test its technology on the road with fleet customers. The company hopes to create a network of smart technology which will improve safety, enhance efficiency and support drivers because it communicates of distances between connected trucks.

This technology development is in response to increased customer interests in automated driving in commercial transport.


The technology used is meant to connect the automated technology with all connected trucks. This will be possible because the vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi systems which will interact with the driver assistance system. The active brake assistance, cruise control, and lane departure are interrelated. The technology saves fuel and increases the distance between trucks.

Addictive manufacturing or 3-Dprinting

This technology will create a major shift in the automotive industry because we are getting to a point where parts combined with plastic and metal will be put to use in the real world. The automotive industry has been a fast adopter of additive manufacturing, which is a source of innovation and a driver of transformation in the industry. We expect to see new models in the competition to come up at the same time modifications of the old models is inevitable. Unique tools will be coming up every time with a new application for serial production. Daimler Trucks North America has not been left behind either because they have embraced 3D printer replacement parts in their trucks and in their truck operations. They have continued investing in technology for better performing plastic replacement parts.

Technology is changing the approach automotive companies are taking around technology. The power of technology will soon be felt in the economy and start making perfect financial and economic sense. Technology will make increase proofreading jobs as it increases automobiles, jobs within the industry.

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