Dash cam footage upload portal saves 9,700 days of police time

Portal launched one year ago by Nextbase has saved police forces across the UK 68,474 hours of dash cam video processing time

The dash cam footage upload portal launched by dash cam manufacturer Nextbase has saved police forces across the UK some 9,700 working days of video processing time since it went live one year ago.

The National Dash Cam Safety Portal (NDCSP) was set up in July 2018 as a streamlined method of allowing drivers to share clips of driving incidents with the police.

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Before Nextbase’s new system arrived the procedure used to take an average of 14 hours, but in the last 12 months, 4,891 videos have been uploaded via the NDCSP, saving police forces some 68,474 hours of work.

West Mercia Police was one of the first forces to adopt the system. Supt Mel Crowther said: “The use of the NDCSP is a perfect example of modern police forces embracing new technology in order to help with internal time management.

“It ensures that our policing services are as accessible as possible, complementing the work already being done by police officers on our road network. Most importantly, it allows us to show that a dangerous driver’s behaviour can and will be held to account.

“I am confident that, with the help of other road users, this technology will deter people from making poor choices on the road and help make our roads safer for all.”

In contrast, Northumberland Police is one of the forces to start using NDCSP most recently. It’s head of communications Neil Preston added: “The NDCSP reduces the demand on our communications centre by providing a quick and easy solution for the public to upload footage.

“The number of positive outcomes that we have seen as a direct result of these submissions is very high. The system continues to help us make our region a safer place for road users.”

About the National Dash Cam Safety Portal 

Dash cam owners can submit footage directly to the police through the National Dash Cam Safety Portal (NDSP), a free online portal linked directly to 19 police forces.

Dash cam maker Nextbase’s not-for-profit site allows drivers to submit footage of dangerous driving and complete an online form, which creates what police refer to as “gold standard” evidence for authorities to review. The portal accepts footage from all types of dash cam.

The NDSP builds on the success of Operation Snap, which started with North Wales Police before being adopted by the three other Welsh constabularies. The system streamlines the process of submitting video evidence of dangerous road incidents to police, cutting the time involved from an average of 14 hours to a matter of minutes.

Police forces signed up to the NDSPWest Midlands PoliceNorfolk ConstabularyWest Mercia PoliceNorth Yorkshire PoliceWest Yorkshire PoliceNorthamptonshire PoliceWarwickshire PoliceNorth Yorkshire PoliceAvon and Somerset ConstabularySuffolk ConstabularyCheshire ConstabularySurrey PoliceEssex PoliceSussex PoliceHampshire ConstabularyThames Valley PoliceThames Valley PoliceOperation Snap in Wales (four Welsh forces)The Metropolitan Police Force

To submit footage, dash cam owners should head to the NDSP, where they can upload their video and be guided through a questionnaire that automatically generates a witness statement. All submitted evidence is held encrypted on a secure server run by Egress Software Technologies, which counts government departments and defence contractors among its clients.

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