Delay the New Car: How to Make Your Car Last Longer

The majority of cars on the market should last from anywhere up to 200,000 miles.  After 200,000 miles, your vehicle may begin having trouble. Even if you take the best care of it. If you want to make your car last for all of those miles, you must know how to properly preserve your vehicle. Continue reading to discover how to make your car last longer so that you can get the most for your money. 

1. Get Your Oil Changed

If you want to know how to make your car last longer, the first thing you should look into is oil changes. 

Most newer cars can drive for about 6 months before needing an oil change. The average car can last for 10,000-15,000 miles and then you will have to get it serviced. 

Try to avoid getting the cheapest rates for oil changes and products. You should use the oil that is recommended for your car. Don’t forget to replace your oil filter when changing the oil. Getting your oil changed is important because can help prevent corrosion from dirt in the engine. Corrosion can shorten the life of your engine, costing you a lot of money. Oil changes can also help save you money but not using as much fuel. 

2. Keep It Clean

Washing the inside and outside of your vehicle when it gets dirty is a great way to keep it in good condition. The interior of the car can get dirty over time and sometimes fabric can rip. Keep the inside of your car clean can help prevent stains and damage. Vacuuming carpets and chairs is a great way to get initial cleaning done. 

A messy car can be dangerous to drive in and will decrease the amount of time it runs. Keeping the outside of the vehicle can also help make it last. Getting car washes can help get salt from the winter and dirt off of the exterior. If you don’t want to use all of your quarters to clean the car, go out on a nice and sunny day to wash it yourself.  Putting protection sprays and sealants on your car can also help prevent chipped paint and worn down areas. 

3. Take Care of the Issues

Owning a car involves a lot of responsibilities that you can’t ignore.  When you see the lights come up on the dash that the car needs to be serviced, you must look into the problem. Getting a new car battery can help ensure that your vehicle is functioning efficiently. 

If you notice that tires are low in your car, get them filled. Ignoring low tires can lead to accidents and more expenses. When you start hearing weird noises or notice that the car isn’t working properly, you must take it to get serviced. Having a professional look at your vehicle can help ensure that you are safe while driving around. When it comes to cars, never ignore the problems. Small issues can lead to big problems that can shorten the life of your car. 

4. Be Gentle with Your Car

Although vehicles are built strong enough to handle the environment and roads, you should try your best to drive gently.  Slowing down before crossing railroad tracks can help prevent damage, especially over time. You should also make sure that you warm up your vehicle before driving it on the road. One of the biggest reasons that engines fail is when they are started in the cold. Cold weather impacts the consistency of the oil. Try putting the car in idle for about a minute before driving your car. 

Once the engine can get warm you can put your heaters on and drive as you normally would. Being gentle with your car can help make it last longer and not lead to damage. Once parts of the car begin breaking, they often get worse. 

5. Go to the Auto Shop 

If you are aiming to have your car last for 200,000 miles then you will have to go to the auto shop for check-ups.  When you go to the auto shop, the mechanic can check for fluid leaks, broken pieces, and engine issues. They can run a test to ensure that the system is working properly to prevent issues from occurring. 

Oil changes are a great opportunity to get your car looked at. You can even have your tires rotated on the car to make them last longer, saving you money. Anytime that you notice something suspicious in the car, get it checked and fixed immediately. Mechanics can fix leaking gaskets that you never would have seen. They can also test your brakes and gears. This can help make sure that they are working the way they are meant to. Learning how to make your car last longer can save you a lot of money and stress.

Not only will you get more for your money when you take care of your vehicle, but you will also be safer. Getting regular checkups and oil changes can prevent engine issues and faulty gears. Cleaning your car is another great way of taking care of it. You should do whatever you can to prevent damage, including the interior. Don’t forget to know the limits of your car so that you can be gentle enough with it. 

Driving before the car is warm and flying over railroad tracks can cause damage that you don’t see. 

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