Diesel Car & Eco Car Magazine Offer Top 50 For 2019

Diesel Car and Eco Car magazine have brought the ‘top 50’ to their February issue.  There might be a few surprises in there, but overall it’s hard to fault not only the range but the genuine quality among the top contenders.

In first place is a car that quite simply lives up to its name, and that’s the Skoda Superb (2015-on). The hatchback and estate won thanks to its relaxed nature, limousine-like spaciousness and for being fun to drive. As well as securing the top spot, the Superb was voted Best Used Large Car and Best Used Estate Car, too, resulting in a trio of wins. Ian Robertson, Editor of Diesel Car and Eco Car magazine said “If ever there was a car that lived up to its name, the Superb is it. It’s quite simply the best used car on sale in the UK thanks to its great value for money and capacious nature.”

Without further ado, here’s the rest of the list.  Let us know in the comments if your car is included and how you find it as a daily driver.

The 2019 DieselCar and EcoCar Used Car Top 50 listing in full

50        Vauxhall Astra                                  2015-on

49        Mercedes-Benz S-Class               2014-on            Best Used Luxury Car

48        Lexus RC                                             2015-on

47        Suzuki Celerio                                  2015-on            Best Used sub-110g/km Petrol Car

46        Peugeot 308                                     2014-on

45        Mazda3                                               2014-on

44        Toyota Prius                                      2009 to 2016

43        Renault Captur                                2013-on

42        Land Rover Discovery Sport       2015-on

41        Volkswagen Polo                             2007 to 2017

40        Suzuki Vitara                                    2015-on

39        Kia Sorento                                 2015-on            Best Used Large SUV

38        Volkswagen Scirocco              2008 to 2017

37        Ford Mondeo                              2015-on

36        Renault Kadjar                           2015-on

35        Volvo V40                                    2012-on

34        Ford Galaxy                                2006 to 2015

33        Toyota RAV4                              2013-on

32        Volvo XC90                                 2015-on            Best Used Luxury SUV

31        Audi TT                                        2014-on

30        Dacia Duster                              2012 to 2018

29        Volkswagen Passat                 2011 to 2015

28        Range Rover Evoque              2011-on

27        Volkswagen Tiguan                2008 to 2016

26        Ford S-MAX                              2006 to 2015    Best Used MPV

25        Dacia Sandero                         2012-on            Best Used Budget Car

24        Ford Kuga                                 2013-on

23        Mazda CX-5                             2012 to 2017

22        Nissan Leaf                              2011 to 2018

21        Renault Zoe                              2012-on            Best Used Electric Car

20        BMW 3 Series                           2012-on

19        Volkswagen Golf                    2012-on            Best Used Plug-in Hybrid

18        DS 3                                            2013-on

17        Skoda Yeti                                2009 to 2017    Best Used Compact SUV

16        Kia cee’d                                   2012 to 2018

15        BMW 5 Series                         2010 to 2017

14        Peugeot RCZ                           2010 to 2015    Best Used Sports Car

13        Audi A3                                     2012-on

12        Jaguar XF                                  2008 to 2015    Best Used Executive Car

11        Honda CR-V                             2012 to 2018

10        Mercedes-Benz A-Class      2012 to 2018

9          Ford Focus                               2011 to 2018

8          Skoda Octavia                       2013-on

7          SEAT Leon                               2013-on

6          Ford Fiesta                              2008 to 2017    Best Used Small Car

5          Hyundai Tucson                    2015-on

4          Mazda6                                    2012-on

3          Citroën C4 Cactus                2014-on            Best Used Medium Car

2          Kia Sportage                           2010 to 2016    Best Used Medium SUV

1          Skoda Superb                         2015-on            Best Used Large Car
Best Used Estate Car
Diesel Car & Eco Car Used Car Of The Year 2018

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