DS18 Audio at CES 2020

CES is over the 2500 miles one way in the making, DS18 has sent their senior staff to represent all the amazing mobile audio that their company produces. Sasha Susterman (CEO) and team has come all the way from Miami, FL to show off all the amazing new products that they have to offer for 2020. DS18 has a huge catalog that has absolutely everything you would ever need for any build in it without having to source from other manufacturers and. Everything is covered by an outstanding 1-year warranty where items can be repaired in house by our skilled engineers. Their mustang in the booth space was absolutely amazing.

Jeep Products!

One of the many things people love about DS18 is that they provide a massive amount of Jeep products for almost every late model Jeep on the market. Whether you have a JK, JL, TJ, or Gladiator they will have some very innovative items for your every need! On the floor you will see their J-Loud rear facing wall of speakers that contain four drivers, four tweeters, and four 8-inch mids that mounts to the rear side of your Jeep’s roll bar. The J-Loud is sold bare bones so you can pick and choose your speaker combo that best suits your needs for maximum loudness. Also, their JK and JL soundbar come loaded with RGBs and speakers that will make your old factory soundbar obsolete and turn your Jeep into a concert on wheels! In the lot they have their new bolt on jeep door pods that allow you to have a great custom show look and be able to upgrade to massive pro audio speakers for any door of your choosing. Last but not least they have their JSUB.2 which has been taken out of their most showed Jeep in the world (The Big Bad Wolf) and taken into production for all Jeepers to enjoy if they are wanting massive bass in a custom Jeep box with digital LEDS and plexiglass windows so you can see the 12 inch subs it carries.

Marine and Side X Side Products!

DS18 also has a HUGE selection of marine applications that can fit on any boat and off-road vehicle for the masses to enjoy. They carry a multitude of speaker pods in sizes of 6, 8, and massive 10 inch! These pods will turn every head in the area to see where the sound is coming from. They also offer bolt on universal soundbars, Dual speaker pods with included driver, Dual sided pods, Driver pods, and much more! Their extensive line of marine IP65 rated amps are very durable and put out 100% of advertised power very efficiently. They have also introduced marine grade flat amps like the NXL N4 so you can have that perfect factory look without any protruding equipment anywhere! They have everything you need for your boat, side X side, or 4-wheeler covered!

Pro Audio!

DS18’s forte is their pro audio line. They have absolutely everything you can imagine in their pro audio line that any enthusiast would need just for jamming out in your car in everyday traffic, or the most intense pro audio competitions. DS18 has taken away countless awards for their pro audio and is now worldwide for that! They have some of our most popular speakers now available in combo packs so you know what exact speakers match like their ProX6.4BMPK that comes with their own specific high wattage super tweeters or our Pro GM8.4PK that is similar but come with different mids. Both variants come in 6 inches and 8 inches. There are over 700 items in their pro audio section alone which is more than 99% of any manufacturer to date. There is absolutely nothing for your vehicle you can’t find there. Any sub in any size will astonish you with the quality of build and finish will surly stand the test of time.

Motorcycle Audio!

DS18’s motorcycle following is huge to say the least. They have many bikers blaring maximum volume on their bikes and winning awards and breaking records wherever they go. Some of the newest additions are the Motorcycle specific SM6.2 and SM8.2 which have been beefed up to take the vibration and moisture that your bike is regularly exposed to without any problems. Torn and warped speakers are a thing of the past with these bike specific powerhouses. If that’s not enough, they even beefed these bad boys up even more and added Neodymium magnets, so their sensitivity goes through the roof. What that means for you is they get louder on less power and handle more power more efficiently. Both sets of the SM6.2, SM8.2, Pro M6.2 NEO, and Pro M 8.2 NEO come with an RMS rating of 250w so you know these babies will scream! They also carry many other different speakers that can be used in countless different applications for your bike so the whole town can hear you coming!

Check them out at DS18.com!!

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