Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 review

The Sport Maxx RT2 is a strong all-round tyre with impressive deep-water grip

As with its Goodyear stablemate, the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 was launched in 2016 and was among the better performers in that year’s 16-inch tyre test. The smaller version pipped the Asymmetric 3 then, and in 17-inch form it came close to taking the win this time.

For driving in heavy rain this is the tyre to fit because it was at the front in the aquaplaning tests. There was a win in the curved test and a joint runner-up finish alongside Falken in a straight line.

In the shallower water of the handling, cornering and braking tests it was still at the front, finishing fourth in the braking and a close sixth in cornering. Third for handling represented best of the rest behind the pacesetting Pirelli and Continental. As with other tyres, you needed to be patient on the throttle through tighter turns, but it suffered less than most and was very stable through the faster sections.

The Dunlop had less success in the dry tests, but was close to the pace on the sweeps of the handling track, where it was just a second off the winner. While it couldn’t match the sharpness of the Continental it was livelier than most and felt secure and stable through the circuit’s long, full-throttle corners.

As we’ve seen in recent tests, Goodyear Dunlop has managed to blend wet grip with fuel economy and the RT2 is no exception, finishing at the front of the chasing pack behind the Bridgestone. says…

“Over 850 customers have reviewed the Dunlop, scoring it 4.6/5. They rate the low tyre noise, smooth driving and strong grip.”

FiguresDunlop Sport Maxx RT2Overall99.70%=2ndPrice£94.27Dry handling100%=1stDry braking96.20%5thWet handling100%1stWet braking99.50%2ndWet cornering100%1stStraight aquaplaning98.20%4thCurved aquaplaning87.80%8thRolling resistance81.10%6thCabin noise98.80%3rd Previous: 1. Continental PremiumContact 6 Next: =2. Michelin Pilot Sport 4

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