East Tennessee Showdown 2019

East Tennessee Showdown 2019 was held at the East Tennessee Distillery in Piney Flatts, TN on June 29th, 2019.  If you are in the surrounding area, this is where you wanted to be for cold drinks, hot weather, and amazing rides.  All rides from lifted, lowered, exotic bagged, and everything in between were welcomed to the show!

In this day, it is not uncommon for a show to support a charity with their event.  This year, East Tennessee Showdown 2019 supported one of their own team members whose house had burned down.  As always, it is an amazing site to see when everyone comes together to support each other and care for one another!

If you were in need of a break from all the amazing things that the show was offering, you could head on over to the local distillery, East Tennessee Distillery, and try the labeled show special moonshine! One taste of the moonshine and you’ll be ready to take the show once again!

Awards were given out to the Top 50 rides along with specialty awards.  One of our previous feature rides, a 1997 Ford Probe owned by Tabitha Combs, took home the Campfire SHEnanigans Ladies Choice Award mini grill! One specialty award brought tears to the eyes of many and that was the East Tennessee Showdown Josh’s Journey for a Fallen Minitrucker.  This award went to Ronnie Cupp and his 1990 Toyota Standard Cab Pickup.

After awards everyone began to pack up and make their journey home.  For a one day show, it was packed full of custom, beautiful rides, amazing crowds, tasty moonshine, and sick custom awards that everyone was hoping to take home!

East Tennessee Showdown 2019 has a date planned 2020, you can stay up to date on their Facebook page because you’ll want to make it out to their next show!

Photos by: Logan Wade

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