Emory Motorsports Recreates the Porsche 911; The Emory Outlaw 911K

Emory Motorsports Recreates the Porsche 911; The Emory Outlaw 911K

Known as one of the most iconic rides around, Emory Motorsports chose to take it to the next level and create the Emory Outlaw 911K.  Rod Emory, owner of Emory Motorsports, wanted to keep the design of the early Porsche prototypes and build it more for agility as well.  For the Porsche fans who think they have seen it all, Emory made sure to make this ride not only one that fans would never forget, but also one that they have never seen.

“This slab-sided Emory Outlaw 911K is unique,” Rod Emory says. “We specialize in 356s, and we did this 1968 911 SWB as a one-time commission for a special client. The inspiration for this car comes from Porsche 908-010, a K-bodied sports prototype once piloted by Vic Elford. The design cues and livery from that car lend themselves beautifully to this build.” (Emory Motorsports, 2019)

The idea for this Porsche 911K came from the 1968 908, which was one of the first rides to have the closed-cockpit!  The 911K included amber fiberglass dashcap, Porsche Light Ivory pain with signal-yellow accent, and was hand painted Mobil Pegasus to give it distinct cues towards its Motorsport capabilities. Also bringing in air horns, auxiliary lines, mesh intake guards, a twin-grille decklid, R-style deck lid hinges, and R-style bumpers.

The interior is what really catches our eyes, bringing in fire-retardant spanish Red Veltex covers and MOMO 5-point harnessess, this ride is ready to hit the track. “The MOMO influence continues to the Prototipo steering wheel and shift knob for the 901 five-speed transmission. Other custom additions include the removable rollbar, lightweight door panels and pulls, and leather window straps.” (Emory Motorsports, 2019)

With a sick ride like this, you have to have an engine that puts out power like no other.  In the 911K, the power comes front a 2.5-liter twin-plug 911 engine.  This engine produces 190 horsepower along with assistance from a MSD brain, Weber 40 IDA 3C carburetors, and 908-style cookie-cutter megaphones!

Emory pulled this together and made this ideal dream ride come true! Check out the images below to see for yourself how unique this ride really is!

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