Essential Do’s and Don’ts to Maintain Your Cars Resale Value

Most car owners are only concern about their car when they want to sell it. They want to sell at a higher price not considering the fact that the car value decreases if not given proper maintenance. You need to ensure your car is taken care of so that it can maintain its resale value. Here are some essential do’s and don’ts to maintain your car resale value. You can also see more tips on car leasing at

1. Change the oil regularly

Most car owners do not change their car oil regularly; they see this as expensive not knowing that changing the oil is a good way reserve the car value. You should do regular changing of the oil even if is very expensive because when you do that, you will prevent major problems associated with the engine.

2. Maintain regular car service

You should have your vehicles serviced on a regular basis and keep all maintenance and repair records. Taking a car in the service regularly will prevent the high cost of repairing in case of unnecessary repairs and also keep your car under a good condition.

3. Maintain car cleanliness

During winter climate, your vehicle is exposed to high chance of getting rusty. You should do regular cleaning of the car so that to avoid the chances of the car getting rusty. You should also undercoat your vehicle to prevent salt deposits from building up on the frames, the undersides of the quarter panels, fenders and other car parts.


4. Minimize car mileage

You should keep car mileage at a minimum as this will also help maintain its resale value. Mileage is the determinant the car value and keeping it at a minimum is the best thing that you can do to your vehicle. The car should undergo consolidated trips; this will lead to better engines and gas mileage.

5. Wax your car

Take time a few times every year to wax your car. Waxing will protect the surface of the car and also maintain its color. The paint quality of your car can also determine whether you will get a good buy or not. Therefore, you should maintain applying wax on the car to make it always look new.

6. Don’t pack your car outside

You should build a garage at your home to provide shade for your car. By doing this, you reduce exposure to excessive weather conditions such as sun rays, wind, rain, hailstones, snowstorms and tree branches or debris that can fall on it.


7. Don’t drive carelessly

Most car owners drive their cars carelessly, at a very high speed, taking sudden stops and hard turns. This hard-driving usually result in tear and wear and, also can lead to noises on the car like scratching sounds. Hard-driving may also result in permanent damage of other car parts. Therefore, you should drive your car carefully.

It is essential to maintain your car value so that you can sell it to another person in good condition. Even if you’re not selling, maintaining your car is still very important as it will serve you longer.


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