Falken Azenis FK510 review

Promising all-round performance, but the Falken’s fuel economy could be better

This is the closest Falken has been to the top of our tyre tests, and it’s no surprise because the FK510 has done well in other magazine tyre tests across Europe, including a second place with our sister title Auto Bild in Germany.

The German-based Japanese producer has certainly taken a step forward with the FK510 from the version we tested in 2016, which delivered a more balanced performance across the tests.

Key to its success is that it was close to the winners in each test, even if wasn’t at the top of the table. The tyre was most effective in the dry where it took a close second in the braking, just an average of 40cm behind the winning Pirelli.

It may have been sixth on the handling track, but the Azenis was less than a second off the winning pace. Behind the wheel there was a pleasing sharpness and it was good through the faster turns, where minimal lock was required.

The Falken was less successful in the wet, but again wasn’t far off the top tyres. It was joint second in the deep water of the straight aquaplaning, although the FK510 worked less well when the tread was distorted in the curved test.

In wet braking it needed close to an extra two metres to stop than the winning P Zero, and was a step behind most rivals around the handling track. The front tyres lacked the bite of the best and lots of lock was needed. It seemed to trigger the anti-lock system more readily as well.

Blackcircles.com says…

“Not a popular seller for us at the moment, but with impressive reviews and test scores from around Europe, this is likely to change soon.”

FiguresFalken Azenis FK510Overall99.30%=5thPrice£80.68Dry handling99.20%6thDry braking99.20%2ndWet handling96.90%8thWet braking95.60%7thWet cornering97.30%7thStraight aquaplaning98.30%=2ndCurved aquaplaning88.90%6thRolling resistance81.70%5thCabin noise95.10%10th Previous: 4. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 Next: =5. Pirelli P Zero

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