Fancy Car Hire From £1?

Revolutionary website, DriiveMe, which lets travellers hire a car or a van for just £1, is celebrating its first anniversary in the UK and is urging drivers to hit the road this holiday.

Whether visiting friends, escaping the city or even moving house, DriiveMe represents a truly affordable option this Easter, offering motorists the ability to rent vehicles from leading hire firms for just a quid.

Compared to a conventional hire booking, DriiveMe is the easy way to access the freedom of four wheels, while avoiding expensive rental fees. DriiveMe offers car rental across set routes for just £1 by helping rental companies balance their fleets between cities, connecting available vehicles with travellers wishing to carry out the very same trips. It charges a nominal £1 that is needed to activate the driver’s insurance cover.

Typically, renting a car to drive from Edinburgh Airport to London Heathrow would cost in excess of £200, yet a comparable booking made via DriiveMe represents a saving of £199 for that trip alone.

Maryanne Smith, 48, a legal secretary from Suffolk has been using the DriiveMe service for a year and is enthusiastic about the convenience, the ease of use and the flexibility it gives her. She commented “I think DriiveMe is awesome! It’s given me the ability to get around the country for next to no cost, and I have used it for everything from popping to the shops, to moving a sofa. All that convenience, and all for a pound” She continued, “I love that it is also Europe-wide, it would be a great way to city hop when I go on holiday.”

Appealing to everyone from students to business drivers otherwise put off by the standard cost of a rental, DriiveMe puts the freedom of a hire car in reach of everyone. Perfect for day trips, journeys to the airport, or even house-moves in a van, it offers routes covering many popular UK journey plans such as Edinburgh to London, Bristol to Birmingham or Southampton to Manchester. At only £1, the cost of a day’s vehicle hire through DriiveMe is less dough than the average price of a loaf of bread – all the driver needs to add is fuel.

Launched in the UK in 2018, DriiveMe puts travellers in the driving seat of a vehicle, offering 24-hour rental period across selected routes for a nominal fee. For just £1, travellers get all the usual benefits of a rental service, but at a bargain price. All rentals include insurance as part of the agreement, and all are suitable for both personal and business use: the only requirement is that the vehicle is returned to the agreed destination within a day of collection.

Booking is straightforward. DriiveMe’s website lets you search for a car to suit your travel plans and match it to a selection of routes to and from the UK’s major cities and airports. Registration is free and bookings can be made both online and via the smart phone app.

DriiveMe is partnered with leading car-hire companies, including Hertz and Europcar, so hiring a car from a well know rental company has never been cheaper or easier. It offers drivers safe and reliable hire vehicles, at a price that is impossible to beat.

Trevor Lambert, head of DriiveMe UK, has been at the wheel of the company since it launched in 2018. In the run-up to the anniversary celebrations and after a first year of huge success, he commented: “Through helping rental companies relocate their vehicles across the country, DriiveMe is able to offer exceptional value to our customers. A 24-hour rental period, and generous mileage allowances for just £1 means that a everyone now has access to rental cars across a range of popular routes. Easter is a great time to rent a car, and with our seamless booking service, not only is the service great value, it’s also very easy.”

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