Gauge Magazine December 2019 SEMA Issue

Winter is here and so is the Gauge Magazine December 2019 SEMA Issue! This issue is full of all the SEMA coverage that you have been waiting for.  Starting off our coverage with the SEMA 2019 Freaks Pre Party. Check out all the rides and fun that happens at the pre party and see who won the Gauge Magazine award!  SEMA 2019 Domestic Cars is one to not miss! Full of custom domestic rides full of new products and graphics that will blow your mind. Next is SEMA 2019 Import rides, it’s hard to take your eyes off of all the rides but wait until you see B is for Builds Huracan unveiled! The SEMA 2019 2WD Trucks may have stolen the show this year with Chevrolet unveiling the new Chevy E10.  It’s a play on the body of the old school C10 but completely electric! Next, the SEMA 2019 4×4 Trucks. 4x4s were raised to heights we’ve never seen before and you’ll want to make sure you stop by and check out those rides! Whether you have or haven’t attended SEMA, you know that the models are something everyone looks forward to seeing! The SEMA 2019 Models were as beautiful as they are every year!  Next is the SEMA 2019 Bikes. These bikes have had hours of work, sweat, and more put into them and we can tell that from just looking at them! SEMA 2019 Ignited is open not only for attendees but for the public as well. This is a chance for everyone in the surrounding area to come out and appreciate all the rides that came out to SEMA. Feature vehicle for this month is a 1952 Willys Overland Panel owned by BJ Barger.  This ride is unlike any of the others and we know you’ll love it! Gauge Girl for the month of December is Justice Cook. Check out her photoshoot and her personal interview!

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