Getting Car Insurance – Benefits over Cost

As a driver, you’re probably familiar with the high car insurance prices. The high costs can be explained by the large cash settlements offered by insurers—they cover the injured driver’s medical treatments as well as the lawyers they retain—but it’s not without good reason. In general, the price you pay gives you access to a greater range of advantages.

While the exact amount you’ll need to pay depends on the type and age of your car, where you’re located and the laws, your driving record and your insurance claims history, the type of coverage you choose also plays a big role. So it’s a good idea to study your options before purchasing or renewing your car insurance, and to understand what benefits accompany different alternatives.

1. Standard Auto Insurance Policy

This is the obligatory insurance coverage every driver has to own pretty much anywhere in the world. It protects you from most basic dangers you may face on the road, whether you have caused damage on a third party, or if you’re the subject of an accident. It pays for lawsuits, medical care, income replacement benefits, and damage inflicted on your car and its contents, up to the limit of your coverage.

Even if you or your family ever gets harmed by an uninsured driver, the Standard Auto Insurance Policy covers the costs. Following more specific incidents such as a motorcycle accident, if you’re a resident in Ontario, Canada for example,  it’s important to be aware of your rights, as well and you can consult a lawyer or visit for more details, and should you wish to customize the limits of your coverage to your needs in any of these cases, there are increased coverage options you can purchase.

2. Optional Coverages

While you’re free to enhance the standard policy you’re required to have, you can also buy some—or all—of these other packages to enjoy some extra benefits catering to special cases.

3. Income Replacement Benefits

If a traffic accident ever leaves you unable to work, you can benefit from basic weekly income replacements calculated according to your current after-tax income level.

4. Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care Benefits

Most insurance plans only partially covers extended health care expenses like physiotherapy, mobility devices and other specialized services after an injury. By choosing these optional benefits, you can use your car insurance to cover your medical needs and extra services on a temporary or permanent basis.

5. Caregiver Benefits

If you’re injured in a traffic accident and can’t provide care for your children or aging parents, you may be eligible for caregiver benefits. This option covers the expenses to hire full-time aid, and the amount is calculated by the number of dependants in need of care.

6. Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Expenses

Injuries following a car accident can keep you from your housekeeping duties. You can use these benefits to hire help for the cleaning and maintenance of your home for the duration of your recovery period.

7. Death and Funeral Benefits

In the event of your death resulting from a car accident, these benefits ensure that your spouse and dependants get covered. Funeral expenses up to the limit of your coverage are also paid for in the context of this policy.

8. Dependant Care Benefits

If you were employed at the time of your accident, these benefits cover, on a weekly basis, the expenses of your dependants and childcare.

9. Indexation

This optional benefit offers an annual adjustment for inflation of the other benefits you’ve purchased.

10. Extra Coverage for Loss or Damage to Your Vehicle

You can also buy extra coverage for your vehicles in case of some specified perils such as theft, fire, falling, vandalism, collision or natural disasters.

11. Other Expenses

Some other costs may be compensated within the limit of your coverage if you’ve lost educational expenses, if friends and family have had to visit you during your recovery, or if your personal belongings have received harm during a car accident.

The Choice Is Yours

It can seem quite daunting to make a decision in regards to getting car insurance because of all the technical jargon, but hopefully now, you’re better informed. The benefits are certainly worth and over the cost that you will invest in. It never hurts too to get a variety of options in and research so that you can make comparisons. Various companies compete with each other to provide potential customers with better services at lower costs for a 2010 Dodge Challenger SE . When you’re shopping around for a car insurance, you can take your time to compare the solutions offered by different insurers and find the best available rates allowing for the right protection for you and your family.

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