Goodguys 1st Virtual Car Show

With everything that is going on around the world today, it is not uncommon for many events to be cancelled, postponed, rescheduled, or in the case of the Goodguys event, take a new turn. The Goodguys show decided to make sure that all car lovers will not be let down, but will enjoy the show in a complete new way.

Goodguys has announced that they will be hosting their car show scheduled for Saturday virtually.  They have found a way for those who are a lover of the Goodguys events to still share their love of cars.  On Saturday, March 28th, at 7:30am PST Goodguys will have their first event Virtual Car Show.

This will consist of almost everything that happens at the show, just without everyone being there physically.  If you are wanting to register your vehicle, you are able to do so for free and they are encouraging everyone to please upload photos of your vehicle! Not everyone is given the chance to have their vehicle at a Goodguys event, so now is your chance!

Those who choose to attend the virtual car show will get a tour around the Goodguys national event, complete with Saturday specialty parking areas, AutoCross and all the fun of the Goodguys event experience.  This is a once in a lifetime experience that everyone can enjoy from their home!

At 2:22pm, they will hold the virtual award ceremony.  You can enjoy the Goodguys Virtual Car Show coverage all day long on their website, they also have a full day of activities planned for everyone.

With everything that is going on in today’s world, this is the release that many are needing.  Don’t miss out on seeing all the amazing rides from all around the world from the comfort of your home.

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