Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 review

Asymetric 3 is close to the best on test, with only its wet performance holding it back

We last tested the Asymmetric 3 in 2016 in 16-inch form, shortly after it was launched. Now two years later it has gone one better and is noticeably closer to the leaders. Goodyear’s engineers have found something when it comes to fuel economy. This time it was among the best of the rest behind runaway leader Bridgestone. It also had a useful advantage over the P Zero, which topped 2016’s rolling resistance test.

Dry handling was a weak spot in the 16-inch version, but this 17-inch tyre was closer this time to the front runners and a little over half a second off the ultimate pace. Other tyres may feel sharper, but the Goodyear hangs on well through fast sweeps and could be easily adjusted on the throttle.

The tighter turns requiring more lock were more of a struggle. It was a similar story on the wet handling track, where the sharper turns gave the Asymmetric 3 problems. It needed plenty of lock and there was a general lack of front grip.

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That lack of performance was also seen in the wet cornering test, where it finished ninth. And in wet braking it needed over two metres more to stop than the winner from Pirelli. There was an unusually big gap between the aquaplaning results. The Goodyear finished second on the curve, but came seventh in the straight test. says…

“Positive reviews and sizes up to 20 inches mean Eagle F1 is a strong favourite with our customers, who like the dry grip and comfort.”

FiguresGoodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3Overall99.50%4thPrice£84.42Dry handling99.30%5thDry braking96.00%6thWet handling96.70%9thWet braking94.50%8thWet cornering96.70%9thStraight aquaplaning97.50%7thCurved aquaplaning98.50%2ndRolling resistance82.80%3rdCabin noise98.20%4th Previous: =2. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Next: =5. Falken Azenis FK510

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