Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2

Overall score: 98.9%Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2

A former winner that’s remained at the top of our all-season tests, despite the arrival of newer competition. There’s little to choose between this and the Michelin’s score – but they get there in very different ways, leaving drivers to choose which best suits their needs.

The snow results were a surprise,as you’d expect the Goodyear to have the edge over the summer-focused CrossClimate. It did, but it was very close, with the Michelin having the advantage when turning, while the Goodyear was better in the straight-line braking and traction tests. The difference was more marked in the wet, where the Goodyear matched the pace-setting Continental. 

It starred on the handling track, with good traction and a strong turn-in that lasted longer than most rivals’. Despite the strong front grip, the rear was well controlled. It was also among the best for aquaplaning, taking a win and a runner-up spot – albeit some way behind the winning Nokian in the curved assessment. There was a drop-off in the dry, but it remained among the best, with a decent balance – although it lacked the Conti’s lively nature. Great if you want a quiet tyre.

We say: “A good all-round performance, despite facing newer competition.” say: “A popular tyre, available in a range of sizes. Good label scores impress. Buyers give it an overall score of 4.8 out of 5.”

ResultsSnow braking94.1%4thSnow traction97.7%3rdSnow circle97.7%4thSnow handling96.7%5thStraight aquaplaning100%1stCurved aquaplaning93.9%2ndWet braking95.5%4thWet handling100%1stWet circle99.8%2ndDry braking90.4%4thDry handling98.8%3rdRolling resistance87%4thCabin noise100%1stPrice£114.82 Previous: 2. Michelin CrossClimate+ Next: 4. Nokian Weatherproof

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