Hankook S1 evo2 review

Solid performance from the Hankook S1 evo2 in the face of newer designs

It’s doubtful Hankook will be pleased with this result after a string of top-six finishes in our recent tests, including two fourth places; but it needs to look at the gap to the front. The company is closer than ever to the top performers. Closer than even when it took those two fourth places.

Fuel economy is the S1 evo2’s biggest failing. A better result here would have seen it move up a couple of positions. It was a long way behind the super-frugal Bridgestone, but it was still a couple of per cent less efficient than the best of the rest, led by close rival Nokian.

Elsewhere it was on the pace. It was good in the tight and twisty parts of the dry handling circuit, although it needed more lock through the longer sweeps where the car is loaded for longer periods. In dry braking it slipped to fourth, but only just over a metre behind the winner.

On the more compact wet handling circuit the Hankook was third; it felt sharper than most and responded well to inputs. Turn-in was strong and there was good grip through turns, allowing more throttle to be used for longer.

The tyre was also strong on the wet  braking strip, where it again needed an average of just over a metre more than the Pirelli. It wasn’t quite so assured in the aquaplaning tests, but still managed two top-five positions. Only in pure lateral grip on the wet circle did it fall off the pace in a closely-matched result.

Blackcircles.com says…

“A lower label score for rolling resistance often matches the lower reviews scores we see, with fuel efficiency sometimes questioned.”

FiguresHankook S1 evo2Overall98.80%8thPrice£95.95Dry handling99.80%3rdDry braking96.80%4thWet handling97.90%=3rdWet braking96.80%5thWet cornering97.20%8thStraight aquaplaning98.00%5thCurved aquaplaning93.00%4thRolling resistance76.20%9thCabin noise96.10%8th Previous: 7. Bridgestone Turanza T005 Next: 9. Nokian zLine

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