Hit the Road! 7 Tips for Spring Car Care

Spring is here,
and for many, that means road trips are just around the corner! Before you hit
the road though, consider giving your car a checkup. Winter can take a huge
toll on your car, so after the freezing weather subsides it’s a great idea to
give your car a little bit of care! Check out these 7 tips for spring car care.

1. Check Your Fluids

Car maintenance
can often be neglected during the winter months, so spring is the perfect time
to check all of your fluids. Oil, brake fluid, coolant and transmission fluid
are each important to check and change if needed.

2. Inspect the Brakes

If your brakes make noise or pressing the pedal feels a little squishy under your foot, it might be time for new brakes. According to car accident attorneys in Indiana, many crashes involve dangerous driving such as failing to obey traffic signals. It’s important to remain alert behind the wheel and drive defensively. Your reaction time has to be fast while on the road with aggressive drivers, but your brakes have to work quickly and properly as well to help ensure safe travel.

3. Check Your Tires

Winter weather
can be rough on your tires. Take a look at the tread of your tires to make sure
they aren’t bald before you get on the road. If it seems as though they may be
wearing unevenly, it’s probably time for a tire rotation.

With cold
temperatures in the winter, tire pressure decreases. This means it’s especially
important to check before a long car ride in the spring. When the pressure is
outside the range that your vehicle manufacturer recommends, it can have a huge
effect on the fuel economy.

4. Test the Windshield Wipers

Check your wiper
blades for cracking or other wear and tear. Ice buildup in the winter can cause
damage to the blades so it’s a good idea to replace them as the weather gets
warmer and spring showers arrive.

5. Change the Air Filter

A clogged air
filter can take a toll on the engine’s performance. Gas mileage can decrease up
to 10% when the air filter needs to be replaced. Make sure yours is replaced
and good to go before any long road trips to help save on gas!

6. Look at the Engine

Freezing weather
can dry out or damage belts and hoses, so it’s a good time to give everything a
quick look to check for cracking or leaks.

7. Wash and Wax

Snow, ice, and salt on the roads can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Give it a good wash, paying extra attention to the underside of the car. Finishing up with wax is great for helping keep the paint and finish in tact. You might even consider applying rust proof to for further protection.

Give your car the
care it deserves this season. With regular maintenance and care, your car will
be taking you on long road trips for years to come!

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