How To Avoid Stress During Your Practical Driving Test

The great thing about driving is the fact that it can help you relax more than most other activities out there. You leave everything that’s bothering you behind, and you just hit the road and go wherever it takes you. Sure, it can get exhausting at times, but that’s part of the experience and what makes it something special and unique. The thing is, though, you will need to get a driver’s  license, and for that to happen, there will be a practical driving test. Those can be more stressful than anything. But if you follow some of the tips we’ve outlined here, you can avoid any stress during the test and pass with flying colors. 

Have faith

Self-confidence is key when it comes to nailing the practical driving test. If you don’t have enough faith and confidence in your abilities that you can be out there on the road, handling whatever comes your way, chances are you won’t succeed. When you don’t have a belief, you start worrying, and that can be very distracting and can lead to some serious problems. Always trust yourself and understand that you’ve worked hard for this. Trust that you can easily pass that test because you know you can. 

Mock test

Back in college, what did you do before your exams? You did mock exams! And it shouldn’t be any different with your practical driving test. This is important because you’ll be used to taking instructions from your instructor or whoever’s sitting next to you while you’re learning how to drive, but in the actual test, you’re on your own. So, you need to try and create the same exact conditions which you’ll be exposed to, and by doing so, you’ll get to practice and experience what it will really be like when you do go for your license. Keep doing these mock tests until you’re finally assured that you’re ready and that nailing that practical test would be a walk in the park. 

Don’t tell people

Most people tell their friends and family when they’re going to take their practical driving tests, and that just serves to put you under a lot of pointless pressure. Keep it a secret until you pass the test, and after that, you can tell whoever you want. That way, there won’t be any stress, and you won’t keep worrying about what people would think of you if you fail. 

Be nice to the examiner
A lot of people walk into their practical driving tests with a firm belief that their examiner is out to get them, and all they want to do is fail them. That is definitely not the case. They’re just trying to do their jobs and make sure you’re qualified to get a license, which means you won’t be a danger to yourself or others around you. So, be nice to them, and deal in good faith. Once you start doing that, you’ll be a lot more relaxed, which will reflect on the quality of your driving –– nerves can make a driver do strange things, and the examiner is well aware of that fact.
Get professional help


Preparing for the practical driving test can be very stressful on its own, but it’ll be even more so if you don’t have any professional help. It’s important that you get driving lessons from instructors so you would have the tools needed to ace that exam. For beginners, you need to drive in a quiet area under the supervision of a driving instructor, and if you click here you’ll understand that this step is important and will help you get used to controlling the car and being behind the wheel. A driving instructor will train you for as long as you need until you are certain you’re ready to take the exam and get your license. 

Don’t go on an Empty Stomach

The last thing you want is to feel dizzy before your test because you haven’t eaten anything all day, which will make you feel even more nervous. It’s important to have breakfast that day. It doesn’t have to be a full meal, but just enough to keep you going and feeling energetic so you can focus on your exam. 

Keep your cool during the test

It’s quite possible that you’ll make a mistake or two during your test, but that is no reason for you to panic. Keep your cool, and ask if you could do it again; chances are you can. There is an allowed margin of error in place, so your error most likely won’t cost you the license. But if you panicked and started hitting everything in your way because you think all is lost, then yeah, that will probably lose you the license. Always keep your cool and keep going as if nothing has happened, and never stop until the examiner tells you it’s over.

Be there Early

Nothing can be quite as stressful as feeling like you’re late, and even if you are barely making it on time, you’ll be in no condition to actually take the exam. Always go as early as you can, and take things like traffic and other unpredictable circumstances into consideration. It’s better to arrive earlier than later, and that way you’ll be prepared for the exam without any feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Stay away from caffeine

Even if it’s something you usually can’t do without, try sticking to minimal doses of caffeine on the day of the exam. Drinking too much coffee can help you stay alert, yes, but it will also keep you on edge, and you’ll be way too jittery.

Take your time

Get into the car during the exam, adjust the seat, and make yourself comfortable. Remember that there’s no rush, and you should do things at your own pace. Rushing things can lead to slip-ups, so take it easy!

It can definitely get stressful during the practical driving test, but if you prepare well in advance and put yourself in the right headspace, it can all go smoothly. Practice as much as you can, and keep your cool. It’s definitely not the end of the world, and if you do fail, you’ll just wait for a while and then retake the exam! 


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