How to Build the Car of Your Dreams

From the time you were a little kid building cars out of Lego bricks and constructing model cars, you’ve dreamed of creating your own vehicle.

Now that you’ve advanced in age, saved some money and have some time on your hands, you’re more than ready to fulfill your childhood wish of building a car from scratch. Need a little refresher on how to go about it?

Check out the following tips to attain your goal of constructing your very own amazing car:

Consider a Car Kit

A car kit is basically the ultimate model car kit for adults. If you desire to build your own vehicle but want to avoid hunting for each individual part, a car kit is definitely the way to go. For example, sells a variety of car kits, including a number of super sporty roadsters and hot rods.

For most of its inventory of vehicle kits, you can select from either a base kit or a complete kit. But in either case, you can choose some of the specific parts and features you want, including an exhaust system and black vinyl roadster seats. If you prefer a more DIY approach, opt for the base kit; conversely, the complete kit will include just about everything you need.

Get Your DIY On

If a car kit seems like it might be too much of a “Lego set for grownups” for you — and you’d rather find each piece of your dream car and put it together from scratch — that’s definitely an option, too. Start by checking out any number of YouTube car-building video tutorials and you’ll find plenty of content on the topic.

For instance, this Home Built By Jeff video offers plenty of friendly reassurance that anyone is capable of building their dream car — the only thing you need, Jeff says, is the motivation to try. After watching these and other videos on the topic, it’s time to start designing your own car, piece by rusty piece.

You can either rebuild a vintage vehicle to spec, take an older model sedan and modernize it, or go full on Dr. Frankenstein and take a bit of a VW, a piece of Toyota and a part from a BMW for your very own Volks-Toy-Beemer. Start by finding a chassis that needs some work and go from there. Or, go to a local junkyard to find the base for your car.

Next, start searching for different parts, including the engine, exhaust system, seats, steering wheel, dashboard and more, online and/or at any local parts shop. If you’re unsure about tasks like welding, consider signing up for a class or finding a trusty mechanic who would be willing to moonlight and help you construct your dream car.

Don’t Buy Junker Tires

As you go from junkyard to junkyard looking for the parts you need, make it a point to avoid buying any old tires. This is one area of your vehicle that deserves brand-spanking new parts. Fortunately, it’s easy to find high-quality tires that look great on just about any car.

For instance, check out the selection of Cooper tires on The 114-year-old Ohio-based tire company manufactures a wide range of sizes and models, including the CS5 Ultra Touring tire that promises a smooth ride, as well as a Wear Square visual tread wear indicator.

Good Luck with Your Project, and Have Fun!

You may find constructing your own car from scratch is so fun that you don’t want to stop at merely one vehicle. Or, you could get your feet wet with a car kit and then tackle a DIY hot rod for your next project. Either way, have a great time, don’t forget to spring for new tires, and have fun taking your friends and neighbors along for rides.

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