How to Choose an Air Compressor in 5 Questions

Surrounded by numerous choices when picking an air compressor can be exhausting and confusing. When in use, you should be careful to avoid accidents like fires caused by oil leaks or overheating. Mishandling can be avoided by following the guidelines.

They come with a manual that explains their proper use and precautions to be taken. Each air compressor is made for a specific purpose. Therefore, picking one that suits your needs is crucial. Asking yourself the following questions will help you to make an informed decision.

How to Choose an Air Compressor

There is no multipurpose compressor – this means you cannot fill your tires using just any compressor. These simple questions will help to narrow down your choices to the one that you need:

  •    What is the purpose?
  • Each air compressor is designed to perform a specific job. For instance, rotary screw air compressors are used where large volumes of air are needed. When working alone, choosing the best portable air compressor that suits you will enhance your work.

  •    What tools are to be used?
  • Different tools use more volume compared to others. Analyze the Standard Feet per Meter of the tools of your choice then add 30% to the sum. This will help you to choose the correct size.

  •    How frequently will you be using it?
  • When used daily, air compressors could wear out. Being aware of how often it will be used will determine the type of compressor you are to pick. The amount of air a tool needs should be put into consideration.

  •    Do you have enough power?
  • Portable air compressors, single as well as other compressors, use different electric volts. The former runs on 115 Volt while the latter use 230 Volts. In the absence of electricity, one can use other sources that will provide substantial power.

  •    What are your future plans?
  • If you have expansion plans for tools which need more air, pick a bigger machine in the present to avoid buying another one in the future.

    How to Use an Air Compressor

    Everyone can use this machine by following these simple steps:

  •    Ensure that the tools and machine are lubricated.
  •    After turning on the pressure switch, close tank valve.
  •    Modify pressure to suit the job purpose.
  •    When you finish, turn the motor and the regulator off and bleed the air into the tank.
  •    Open the drain cock to get rid of accumulated air.
  • Owning a compressor requires you to know several things, for instance, air compressor parts like a pressure switch, oil filters, compressor valves that perform different tasks. This will help you to buy new parts in case of a breakdown. Homeowners looking for a central air processor need to choose the one that is affordable and suited for their house.


    Choosing an air compressor can be a tiring activity for someone who is not prepared. Knowing the type, size, and the job you want to be accomplished will lessen this burden. Being aware of how it works and its different parts will help you to handle and maintain your machine.

    Are central air compressors suitable for auto repair shops? Give us your opinion.

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