How to Clean an Oil Extractor

As a car owner, you must know the oil extractor in detail. It is a tool, must for extracting oil from your car, saving both of your time and struggle. It helps to remove the oil without draining it. The best oil extractors await you here. Without it, your car will be messy, you have to raise the car up, or risk on oil pan damage. Rather this tool is inexpensive and too clean. It also reduces the time-consuming part of the draining engine oil system and also makes the job safer and more comfortable for you.

Cleaning an Oil Extractor

Most of the oil extractors are very easy to use, as well as to clean. Every time after utilizing it, you need to wash it, or it will be defective within a couple of months. You need to clean the oil extractor very safely and securely. Otherwise your oil extractor can be easily damaged and it will no longer be available to use. There are several methods for the cleansing of an oil extractor. Many methods can turn your extractor plastic into brittle. However, in this article I will show you the best and easiest method that you can apply for your extractor cleaning practices.

Before the Cleaning Process

First, we have to know how an oil extractor works. It is just a simple device which works by sucking the oil from the crankcase through a thin tool inserted in the dipstick opening. You just need to pump the handle repeatedly, and the handle creates a vacuum. This vacuum pulls the hot oil into an easy to carry container. However, Apart from the hand-pump extractor, there are also oil extractors run with an engine.

Initiating the Cleanse

In most cases, you can pour out the oil without much effort, which you shall have to extract into a recycling container or bottle.

Firstly, to complete the extraction task, you need to place the oil extractor on such an object which will enable you to drain the fluid through the drain valve into a container or tank of any kind with the help of gravity.

Now, you need to open the drain valve and let the recycling container be filled by the oil flow. But a problem in some of the oil extractors is that they have a lack of oil valves. Don’t worry. Just search the extractor thoroughly and you will definitely find any other holes which will work like a drain valve to put the oil into a container.

This drain work is not time consuming. Rather, it is a fast process. It will only take some minutes to pour down the oil in the container. But if it takes some time and you want to make it much faster, then there is another trick for you. Attach the oil extractor and the extractor compressor with the air hose. You are done.

Then, Put some pressure on the oil extractor with the compressor and you’ll see the oil rushing out within a few seconds. Now when all the oils have been extracted, you will clean the internal part of the extractor as well as the outer part.

Afterwards, you have come to the most important part. So, you need to follow just as said. Don’t rush on it and do it smoothly.

First you need to collect a wet cloth, some alcohol and hot water.

Start with the wet cloth. You need to clean the outer part of the oil extractor rubbing thoroughly with it. After that flow alcohol deeply through the internal systems of the oil extractor and the hoses. Alcohol would dissolve those substances that water, even hot water cannot remove.

Then, apply hot water. It will help you to clean out the oil dregs. But there is only a problem that it cannot dry out easily on itself and later on, it may contaminate the oil. Thus the oil may turn into an emulsified element. And it is not pleasant at all. So, you have to use an air blower to dry the inner parts accurately.

Nevertheless the alcohol evaporates and vanishes quickly as compared to hot water. So for a short cleaning process, ending with alcohol application is a better way than using hot water. Some use ‘spray electronics cleaners’ for this purpose but they are much pricy.

An Alternative Way

Another simple method is to use the oil extractor Cleansing Pack and then supply high pressure water on it. Because it is very much useful for removing greases also. But in this case you should be careful about the Cleansing pack. Many cleansing packs do not support hydration.  If such packs and water get any chance to mix they will neutralize the oil removing pack and render it useless.

Last, but not the Least

Don’t use physical pressure on the extractor valves, and don’t rub inside too hard. If you want to use it immediately after cleaning, it is always a good idea to dry it using an air blower. Don’t apply chemicals like detergents or soda.

This smoothe cleansing would leave a permanent effect on the longevity of the extractor, and enhance its efficiency too. Hope that you get on with it well !

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