How to find a great Taxi Service

There’s much to love about taking a taxi. They’re convenient, they’re affordable, they provide an element of luxury, you don’t need to find a place to park your car, or need to keep an eye on the clock so that you make the last bus home; we could go on and on. However, there’s one thing to keep in mind: not all taxis are of equal standard. Choose one, and you have a great tide home; choose another, and you find yourself daydreaming about taking a bus (for the first time in your life). So how do you select the best taxi service? We take a look at some tried and tested tips below.

Size of Fleet

It’s all good and well ordering a taxi, but what if it takes an hour to show up? Let’s not forget that taxis are all about convenience, and if you’re sat there staring at your phone for far longer than you’d like, then, well, that’s not very convenient. You’d hope for a little bit of honesty when they tell you how long it takes; sometimes taxi services are busy. One reason why you might be waiting longer than normal is because of the size of the fleet. If they only have a few calls, then you could be way down the waiting list. Choose a taxi service that has plenty of cars under its wing.

Professional Service

A taxi service should offer more than simply taking you from point A to point B. They should do so with a friendly, professional level of service. You’re paying for the privilege of being driven around; your experience will be dampened if your driver is getting annoyed that they have to drive you, for example. If it’s an airport taxi, you should expect that they’ll, at a minimum, take you to the correct terminal (rather than the general drop off zone) and help you with your bags. It’s also worth remembering that being professional isn’t just about being friendly; it’s about avoiding being overly friendly. If you want to relax — and not chat — then the driver should respect that wish.

New Technologies

A good company always invests in itself. If a taxi company is still relying on outdated technologies, then you can take a fair guess that they’re not going to be the most illustrious, high-quality firm that you can find. There’s been a big jump forward when it comes to taxi technology in recent years, which has lead to improved booking systems, more transparent waiting times, and payments. Blackpool Taxi based service Whiteside Taxis, for example, have their own mobile application, with which customers can book their journey, track their car during the waiting period, and automatically pay once you exit the cab.

Smart Drivers

When it comes to a journey in a vehicle, it’s just you and your driver. As such, they play a big role in your overall experience. When it comes to looking for a taxi firm, you’ll want to ensure that you’re hiring a company who vets their staff well and ensures the highest standards. For example, how smart are the drivers who are driving you around? We mean this in two ways. First, they should be physically smart — as in, well-dressed and all-around presentable. Second, they should be road-smart. That means knowing the fastest way to get to your destination, and all the correct road safety procedures. You may also hope that they’re smart in a “local trivia” way if you’re visiting from out of town, but that’s not a requirement — just a nice little bonus.

Modern Cars

If you’re going to be driven around, you don’t want it to be in a vehicle that looks and feels like it’s on its last legs. While the main virtue of taking a taxi ride is the convenience, let’s keep in mind that the safety component is what matters most. As well as having a modern vehicle, it should also be kept clean and presentable. You may be wearing your best clothes. You may be going somewhere where you want to make a good impression. You won’t want to make the journey in an old, dirty car. That’s not what you’re paying for!

A Fair Price

Finally, the last thing you should look from a taxi company is a fair price and honest policies. It’s normal for taxi services to charge more for late night journeys and tolls, and so on, but the customer should know about those additions beforehand, not surprised at the end.

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