How To Improve Your Car Performance

Who wouldn’t want a brand new car? Of course, everybody does, right? Surprisingly, this is not always true. Apart from the impractical cost of buying a brand new car, ever so often, more and more people are looking for ways in boosting their car’s performance to surpass even brand new cars. So before you think of buying a brand new car, perhaps a little enhancement is all it needs to make your car even better than a brand new one, performance wise that is.

Preventive Maintenance

First things first. Before making any attempt to enhance your car with the goal of improving its performance, make sure that you strictly adhere to the required preventive maintenance, which ensures that your car is running smoothly. Regular preventive maintenance includes changing oil and checking your car tires, apart from timing belt or chain adjustments. It may also include changes in your car’s air and fuel filter, spark plugs, as well as transmission fluid and filter. Different services are done, depending on your car’s mileage.

Cold Air Intake

A great way to boost your car’s engine performance is by using CAI, or cold air intake. This is the most cost-effective way to increase torque and horsepower. Several aftermarket parts make up the CAI and car enthusiasts from Compare Parts will be able to help you find the best deals on car parts needed to make the pulled air to become cold and dense. This is essential to assemble the CAI, which allows condensed air to get into the cylinder, leading to more combustion.


Theoretically, a lighter car will be able to move faster. Hence, reducing the weight of your car by reducing the heavy and bulky parts, making it up will definitely make your car go faster and improve its performance. Replacing the big components with lighter and smaller alternatives is not only confined in your engine block, but throughout your entire vehicle. Break the habit of making your trunk an extra storage space and your car will instantly feel lighter. You can also opt to switch glass windows with acrylic or change your traditional brakes with disc brakes because these are definitely lighter alternatives.

Engine Control Unit

The ECU, or the engine control unit of your car also keeps it running smooth by constantly adjusting the air and fuel ratio to adapt to environmental factors such as altitude and temperature. While the ECU is established by the car manufacturers, you can hire the services of a car programmer or take your car to a performance shop to have your ECU reprogrammed to make engine performance a priority in the air and fuel ratio calculation.  Make sure you keep your Vehicle Security in these improvements. 

While it is true that there are instances wherein a brand new car is already necessary, enhancing your car to improve its performance is more practical. More often than not, the little details you put into your car, with an aim to improve its performance, will go a long way. Even way better, perhaps, than the performance of a brand new car.

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