How to keep your wheels and tires clean and shiny

Tires are the main asset of a vehicle and they are in constant contact with oil and dirt present on the surface of roads. Tires need as much cleaning and maintenance like the vehicle itself as over the passage of time dirt, oil and brake dust can take a toll over the tires and wheels. Although you can get the tires cleaned from the car wash regularly, if you want to save time and money, then you must opt for the best tire shine for top-notch maintenance of the tires and wheels. The procedure can be performed in your own driveway in order to keep your wheels and tires clean and tidy, which will further enhance their lifespan.

Tools required for the vehicle cleaning:

Whenever you wash your car, it is crucial to wash your wheels and tires and for that, you will require certain tools like a tire brush, wash mitt, an absorber along with the best tire shine. Dirty tires can look bad and can make your driveway look messy. When you select the wheel and tire cleaner, make sure to follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

Why is a tire shine must?

Tire shines protect the tires from premature aging and enhances the visual looks of sidewalls. Tire shines are available as oil based and water based. Best car shine is a product that helps the tires look clean, shiny and new and car enthusiasts use them regularly to enhance the overall appearance of a car. Tires are in constant contact with the road tar, dirt, water, salt, brake dust, grease and ultraviolet rays, which is why they need great care. Vehicle manufacturers recommend the use of tire shines so that they can be used in long term. If your tire is properly cared for, then the overall appearance of your vehicle will improve. Tire dressings give your tires a new shiny look that can impress anyone.

Types of shines:

There are two types of shines available in the market, water based and solvent based. Water-based shines are a mixture of synthetic polymers and oils that make the tires look shiny and non-greasy. Water-based shines are eco-friendly too and keep the tires from fading, hardening, and cracking. Oil-based dressings are often greasy, sticky and clear and leave a wet and glossy film on the surface of the tire.

Advantages of tire shine:

  • When you dress the car tire with a tire shine, it helps in the prevention of fading, cracking and hardening of tires.
  • The shine revitalizes the rubber and leaves a rich shine on your car’s tire.
  • It is available in the form of a spray and can be sprayed on and then wiped.
  • Water-based shines are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

The procedure of Car tire shine application is quite simple and can be done instantly to get a well-protected tire. You can find out the best tire shine and change the appearance of your vehicle in an economical manner.

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