How To Prepare Your Classic Car For Shipping

A classic
car is a prized possession, so you need to consider every precaution for the
safety of your investment. You classic car’s value will go down drastically if
any damage will occur in it. Repairing these damages are also costly and its
parts are difficult to find.

Other than that, you can also save a lot of time and money when you transport it. Shipping your classic car can save you from hassle, and prevents you from any accident or depreciation. A car value estimator can help you know the worth of your new classic car.

following are the effective ways that would help you to prepare your classic
car for shipping and avoid those types of incidents.

1. Research

Conduct a research once you’ve short-listed your shipping
company options. Remember, this is the first and most important move before shipping your classic car. Check the background
of the shipping company’s services, reviews, and other information needed to
prove that they’re reliable. Trusting just any company is not enough, hence,
having the assurance that your classic car is in good hands is much better.

You could research the following:

  • Reviews
    Having a good company image is important. It will assure you that you’ll be
    working with a reliable company and experience their best services. If they
    have websites or social media accounts, try to look for reviews from past
    clients to see if they had a good experience on those companies.

  • Safety
    To look for their safety records,
    visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website. Also check
    their safety records with the state’s transportation department, or with the
    local highway patrol. This is important to ensure that your vehicle will arrive
    without any damages or scratches.

  • Legal

    Last but not the least, look for the legality of the business. You should
    emphasize the word “legal” because you should never put your investment into a
    risky situation. Legality is a compliance that refers to how the company obey
    the laws and regulation.You should know if the company you are entrusting with
    your investment will never be the cause of your loss.

You can ask your family and friends if they know or have
worked with some reliable auto-shipping companies, and if these companies cater
good services. Look for classic car forums also, since you can find classic car
enthusiasts and owners on forums that can give you great advice about shipping

2. Check the insurance

Once you’ve chosen the shipping company that you want to do
business with, request for their insurance information. Make sure that their
insurance policy is up-to-date and will take effect by calling them. Ask what
types of accidents, damages, or events they can and cannot cover, and if they
have to file a claim with their insurance. 

You also have to check your own insurance and see what it
covers to ensure that your classic car is fully-protected during the transport.
This will be an option if ever the company’s insurance doesn’t cover any loss
or damages once the vehicle is shipped.

3. Know how it will be transported

Ask how the shipping company will transport your classic car. You have to know whether your vehicle will be transported in a safe, enclosed container or an open-air trailer will be used. It might be too risky to use an open-air trailer even if it’s cheaper because it will be exposed to dust, grime, rain and road debris. 

You should know the methods and procedures, the materials
they’ll be using or equipment that will hold your car to avoid any damage. The
company should provide a detailed condition report when picking up and
delivering your car.

4. Inspect your vehicle

Inspection and preparation of your vehicle before it ships
is crucial to ensure that it has the same condition once it arrives at the
destination. Here’s what you should do:

  • Take not of any existing damage,
    scratches, and mechanical issues.
  • Take a photo on every angle of the
    car to have more documentation.
  • Carefully read the inspection report
    of the shipping company, and make sure that all the details stated is correct.
  • Take care of any loose or hanging
    parts, leaky fluids and tires.
  • Remove valuable items such as car
    stereos and period owner’s manuals.
  • Your classic car’s gas tank should
    only contain a quarter’s full before shipping.

Once the
steps above are done, you should thoroughly review and read the terms and
conditions of the shipping contract before signing it. Look for hidden clauses
and other fees, and make sure that you didn’t miss anything before having a
deal. Get a copy of your shipping contract and inspect your vehicle carefully
once it arrives.

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