How to Safely Fit and Remove Tailgate Gas Struts on Cars

Gas struts are a hugely important part of the automobile and particularly if you have a tailgate. You may find that the tailgate no longer opens or closes as well and this will be because the gas struts have started to lose their strength. Fear not, though, as it is actually incredibly easy to replace them so that your tailgate will be back to full strength in no time at all. Some motorists will take their car into the garage to get the struts replaced, but this can be an expensive and costly process and it is much easier (and more rewarding) to do yourself.

Finding Replacements

First, you need to find replacement struts. You can do this by finding the part number printed on the side of the strut – every manufacturer and model will be different so you need to find the right replacement. Once you have the number, you can order a replacement from a specialist like SGS Engineering. All you need to replace the struts will be a flathead screwdriver and spare set of hands to keep the tailgate or boot open whilst you remove the old ones and replace them.

Removing Current Struts

Make sure that the new struts are the same size as your current ones by lining them up next to each other whilst the tailgate is open. To remove the old ones, simply lever back the band at the base of the strut with your screwdriver by inserting it into the groove and levering away. The ball socket should then simply come away from the ball. Do this to the other side of the strut and you will be ready to fit your replacement.



To replace the strut, simply offer the ball socket up to the ball and press it in to place. Do this again at the bottom and then repeat with the other gas strut(s). Test the tailgate or boot by opening and closing and making sure that it locks into place properly.

As you can see, replacing gas struts is actually incredibly easy and should only take a few minutes once your replacement struts have arrived. The most important thing to do is to make sure that you order the right struts as they can vary drastically so always make sure that you have the matching number or ask someone from where you purchase the struts to double check. Before long, your tailgate will be working properly once again and you will have saved a fair sum on a garage bill.

Truck Bed covers are also another place that you will commonly find gas struts.

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