Import Face-Off Joliet 2017

Import Face-Off Joliet 2017

Import Face-Off Joliet 2017 was hled at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL on October 8, 2017.  When it comes to the amount of test and tune, car show participants and audio participants, Import Face-Off Joliet usually brings in a variety of each.

Import Face-Off Joliet 2017 also included activities such as the car, truck, and bike show, 1/4 miles drag racing, Usaci stereo Crank It Up Contest, Burnout Contest, Two Step Competition, Low Car Limbo, Pit Midway, and much more!  The track was set up for vehicle to come and put their best foot forward for the judges.  Working around the clock hours to make sure that their rides is the best at any show that they attend.

Some vehicles were at the track not only for judging, but for drag racing.  Those who participate in drag racing and won would be given cash or prizes. At the same track of judging and drag racing, was the sound competition that many cannot wait for!  People put in a lot of time and money to make sure that when they come to Import Face Off, they are not only seen at the competition, but heard from miles away!

The audio competition had its fill of the show from basic small set up’s that echoed to the homes of many to full walls as you would see at majority of the big audio competitions.  It was an amazing time seeing everyone jam out in the area and all around the show!

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Photos by: Chris Gosda

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