Let the Pros Do the Car Detailing

Just What Does a Professional Detailing Does:

Most pro detailers offer a few packages that start with a basic wash and go up in price as the service list increases. In general, the most basic package offers these items:

  • The exterior starts with a wash using an auto washing soap product, using a chenille sponge. Next the vehicle is dried with a microfiber cloth. This is followed with a clay bar treatment, which removes additional grime and helps restore the car to a scratch free finish. Polishing follows, which puts a sealant coat on the paint and preps the car for waxing. Once waxing is complete, the car is given a final buff with a ultra-soft microfiber cloth.
  • From the basic package, almost all pro detailing companies have an assortment of add-ons to further clean the exterior. Items such as tire/hub cap cleaning and waxing, engine cleaning and dressing, window polishing, and light fixture haze removal are all available at various price points.
  • Most detail companies combine the package of the interior with the exterior, and of course, there are add-ons with additional services. The interior almost always starts with removing items that do not normally reside in a car. Items such as cups, food wrappers, toys, shoes, clothes and the like are either tossed in the trash or stored to return to the owner. Floor mats are removed and cleaned. Next, the car is given a good vacuuming with the tech reaching way under the seats to remove all those crumbs and loose change. Once vacuumed front to back, the auto is then given a thorough wipe down with a product made specifically for car interiors. From the basics, add-ons available include shampooing carpets, deep cleaning of A/C vents, odour neutralizers added, and even a final wipe down with a leather restoration/preventive product to those cars that have leather.
  • So, as a busy car owner who enjoys a clean car inside and out, but doesn’t have time or doesn’t want to accumulate all the products needed to completely clean the auto, a professional auto detail service can come to the rescue.

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