Lowered Standards Brewhaus 2018

Lowered Standards Brewhaus 2018

Lowered Standards Brewhaus 2018 was held on July 21st, 2018 at Schiltz Park in Milwaukee, WI.  As with many of the shows in 2018, Mother Nature turned the tables and made it rain and storm!  Lowered Standards Brewhaus 2018 still managed on with the storms and pulled in a couple hundred cars lining both sides of the streets and filling up half of a parking garage!

With rides filling up half of the parking garage of the Schiltz Beer Factory, those that attended were having an amazing time!  Not only were the rides amazing, but you were also able to take a small tour of the Schiltz Brewery, try out some of their brews, and try out some of Milwaukees best food trucks that came to provide guests with some delicious food to curb their appetite.

During the show, you could also check out a skateboarding exhibition that was going on near the food vendors.  It was a nice change of pace for those who were grabbing a bite to eat to check out some amazing stunts and tricks that were being performed!

Lowered Standards Brewhaus 2018 originally started as an all euro show a few years ago, but they changed that up and opened it to all attracting styles and types of vehicle around! The first 100 registrants had received a free Brewhaus T-Shirt, and those that pre-registered were automatically entered into the Rabbit Raffle.  You were able to buy extra tickets to increase your chances to win the MK1 VW Rabbit.

If you are looking for more information on Lowered Standards Brewhaus 2018, check out their website! For the 2019 year, they are not doing pre-registration, so head on out to the show and register to see what its all about!

The rain affected many shows, including ours, Slamology!  Check out Rainology 2018!

Photos by: Chris Gosda

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