Maintaining a Loving Relationship with Your Truck

Truck owners typically have a very close relationship with their vehicles. Like any relationship, it takes attention and care. If you neglect it too long, it will come to an end. By the same token, if you pay attention to the little things along the way, you will have a beautiful future together.

Of course, your affection alone won’t keep your truck on the road for a record-setting odometer reading, but if you really love your truck, you’ll do the other things that are necessary to ensure that long life and high performance. Show your love for your truck with these important maintenance steps.

Good Lubrication

A truck is all about movement, and the entire truck moves as a result of its various components being in motion. Anything that turns or twists must be properly lubricated to ward off corrosion and to ensure smooth movement. That goes for the inside of the engine to the universal joints, bearings, differential, and even the door hinges.

True love for your truck means skipping the bargain-basement products and shopping high-quality products like Mystik Lubricants. From engine oil to grease for the chassis, you will only get top performance if you provide top maintenance, so stick with quality products for the regular upkeep of your truck. Good lubricants will stay in place longer and will tolerate higher levels of friction, so even though you can’t see your oil on a daily basis, it makes a difference.

Preventive Maintenance

The most important word is “preventive”. There is a big difference between maintenance and repair. Good maintenance is done before there is a problem and helps to prevent the wear and strain that can end up increasing your cost of ownership.

Remember that thick owner’s manual in the glove compartment? Don’t let it collect dust. It includes a detailed maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Understand it, and follow it. Set reminders on your phone calendar or do whatever you need to do in order to stay on track. Those radiator flushes and tire rotations will end up paying for themselves quite easily. You should also get the vehicle inspected on a regular basis, even when nothing is wrong with it.

Be sure that the work is done by qualified mechanics. A newer vehicle that’s under warranty should go to the dealer for repairs, but routine service can be done elsewhere as long as you can verify the skills of the staff.

Wear Prevention

A truck is designed to be used, and use leads to wear. You can’t help wearing out tires, even when you are rotating them on schedule. There’s no way to avoid eventually outrunning the useful life of a battery or seeing countless other components wear out, but you can certainly slow down–and in other cases prevent–excess wear altogether.

In terms of your truck’s appearance, think about preserving the paint. You can always make repairs later, but they’re expensive and can be very difficult to match. The occasional body scratch isn’t nearly as problematic as the deep damage done to the bed when you haul things around, so a bedliner is a great part of your maintenance program.

And please wash your truck. Accumulations of mud hold moisture in place against sensitive body panels and structural components. Washing your truck isn’t just about having it showroom-beautiful. It’s also about cleaning underneath so that all the filth is gone.

The bond between a truck and its owner is a special thing. That’s true whether they are hauling freight across the country or just hauling hay across the farm. That bond is strongest when the owner takes the time and effort to perform a good maintenance program so that the truck stays healthy and reliable.

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