Mazda EVs, Tesla numbers, and questions about EV profitability: The Week in Reverse

2018 Tesla Model 3

Will automakers be able to turn a profit on all the electric vehicles under development?

And how many Model 3 sedans, again, did Tesla deliver just last month?

This is Green Car Reports’ look back at the Week in Reverse, for the week ending October 5, 2018.

VW Battery Packs

Friday, we looked at a test of semi self-driving systems from Consumer Reports, and why Tesla placed second to Cadillac.

Volkswagen has confirmed that it’s planning for solid-state battery technology, but don’t expect it to be so game-changing.

And a new report asked a tough question: Can electric vehicles be profitable? Let’s just say that there are some unsettling answers.

Electrify America DC fast chargers in Gulfport, Mississippi

Thursday we looked at a renewed effort to make algae work as a source for eco-diesel.

Electrify America sketched out some of the basics for California’s next round of EV infrastructure investment.

2018 Borgward BX5

Midweek, we reported that GCR readers are apparently really excited about seeing an affordable electric utility vehicle—like the upcoming Hyundai Kona Electric.

Borgward aims to sell electric vehicles in the U.S. And while we can’t say exactly how it plans to do that, we looked at how it made sense for the company to sell internal-combustion vehicles in China first.

2019 Kia Niro EV

Tuesday we looked at how Kia has cancelled plans to bring diesels to the U.S. We got to the ‘why’ behind that later in the week: It’s aiming for multiple EVs to fit various needs.

Mazda is late on the scene with both hybrids and EVs, but that’s due to change—even with a rotary-engine range-extender.

Tesla Model 3 all-wheel drive Performance rolls off a new assembly line in a temporary structure

And yes, as we saw on Monday, Tesla’s all-hands-on-deck push to make deliveries last month looks like it worked, with the Model 3 topping monthly sales charts as the top-selling American-brand passenger car. But plenty of questions remained on whether Tesla could sustain production levels for profitability.  

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