Mecum Auto Auction 2018

Mecum Auto Auction 2018

Mecum Auto Auction 2018 was held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, IN on May 15-20, 2018.  The auction is always an event that is widely watched, whether on television or in person.

This year was a very special year as a gentleman from Indiana planned to auction off 16 cars at the show, his collection of Corevette Indy 500 pace cars.  The collection included cars from 1978 all the way up to 2017.  While not every vehicle had paced the race, they were all used at the track in some way.  This was a first and very special event for the Mecum Auto Auction because this sale can never be duplicated again.

Mecum Auto Auction 2018 saw 2,200 cars along with a large assortment of road art, memorabilia, and a large collection of boating hardware from the estate of Jim Street.   Chevrolet prices were led by Corvettes, including the biggest no-sale which was for a 1967 L88 model despite having a $2.2 million offer.  The top selling Camaro this year was an amazing 1969 427 COPO RS for $198,000 and a 1970 LS6 Chevelle at $148,500.

The Auction this year had many memorable things this year from the pace cars to the hardware from Jim Streets estate, it was even better to see those who were bidding back and forth.  There was a large want for sellers the same as there was a large want for buyers.  Seeing seller show their love for each vehicle by bidding higher and higher against one another.

There is no other Auction like the Mecum Auto Auction 2018.  Each year someone seems to bring something more extravagant and valuable than the year before.  Seeing the amazing vehicles isn’t the only reason that we continue to attend each year, but also for the people who attend.  Mecum Auto Auction already has a show planned for 2019, be ready!

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Looking for more information on Mecum Auto Auction?  Check out their website!

Photos by: Dan Davis

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